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Four Kinds of Dreams

Did You Know … There Are Four Kinds of Dreams

It is generally accepted that there are four kinds of dreams: (see the examples of Process Dreams that are psychological in nature, about problem solving and processing.)

  • daily processing,
  • problem-solving,
  • psychological, and
  • precognitive.

Most dreams fall in the realm of “daily processing”, clearing the garbage from our minds – dumping input from the day that’s no longer needed. We don’t remember most of these dreams, and those we do remember can usually be easily related to our lives.

Problem-solving” dreams are just what you might think – your subconscious knows all – it knows your problems – and it knows how to solve them. If the subconscious thinks its solution is important enough, up pops a problem-solving dream. We don’t always remember these dreams, but our conscious mind does and acts on them directly and, like our daily processing dreams, we can normally interpret them for ourselves.

Psychological” dreams are those dreams that bring subconscious “junk” to the surface – the baggage we need to acknowledge and face in order to grow. For most of us, these dreams are about our relationships, past sufferings, our fears and anxieties, guilt and resentment. In these “psychological: dreams”, we’re not solving a problem or making a decision, we’re simply facing something about ourselves or our current situation that’s probably been holding us back. Some of these dreams, especially those that are repetitive, require interpretation. Some repetitive dreams that may first be defined as psychological in nature are actually indicative of physical problems that require medical attention. For example, sensations of being smothered in a cloud or paralyzed can be a first sign of petit mal seizures and a warning to see a doctor. Click here for some good examples of this type of dream.

Precognitive” dreams deliver psychic data. You dream about a friend and then see them the next day or you dream your sister is pregnant and she is! For most of us, precognitive dreams aren’t so obvious because our ego shadows our psychic information with symbols. Precognitive dreams can often be identified by their quality: the light is strange, or you clearly feel that you’re in another dimension, objects are oddly shaped or made of unusual materials…. These dreams are almost always worth recording and tracking for they will be rich with information, much of it presented in symbols.

In addition to the four general types of dreams, there is the phenomenon of group dreaming, where many individuals either purposely or spontaneously dream of the same event. Dream time is also perfect for Out of Body (OBE) experiences and many individuals find themselves actually visiting someone thousands of miles away and later being able to accurately describe the place and people with whom they visited. Many psychics also speak of dreams in which they have been in class, learning new skills and soon after found themselves actually manifesting enhanced or new abilities.

When you remember a dream, it’s usually worth taking a few minutes to detail what you remember so you can analyze it to see what type of dream it is, and what purpose it serves in your life right now. If you were snow-mobiling in the Sahara desert with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, your subconscious may be telling you that the weather’s about to make a dramatic shift, you’ve been watching too many late night movies; or it could be saying, give it a break, time to relax and have some fun…

In the end, only you will know for sure what the dream really means to you. But sharing a dream with someone else can be very useful in helping to understand it.

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