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Flying in Your Dreams

Flying in Your Dreams

I was interested in dreams I had when I was little, I was thinking about it when I saw the new matrix movie and how Neo (Keanu Reeves) can fly in the film. When I was younger I used to have dreams that I could fly but not very good. I would tell people about it and what dreams they have had, and I’ve never known anyone else to have a dream that they can fly. Is this because when you’re a kid or little you have more freedom in your mind? I’m interested in it, but if I had more freedom why couldn’t I do it very well, I could only fly low and not very long.

Flying can often be likened to an over-dramatization or fleeing from a problematic situation. Can also be looking for clarification in a difficult situation. These are often liberation dreams. In teenagers, often a sign that too much is being asked of them and they are being pressured to succeed. These dreams can be like being intoxicated, having a sense of being elevated and a lightness, like being in love. Many ancient myths speak of the connection between flying and sexuality and while flying itself has become commonplace these days, old interpretations can still hold true. Modern symbolic interpretations of flying include the image of worldliness, expansive ideas and communications. It is also seen as a symbol of creative ideas. It can be a warning not to become too aloof and removed from reality through fantasizing. It can also be a challenge for being either too earthbound or taking flight into a greater dimension. In Egypt , dreams of flying were interpreted as fleeing from difficulties. In ancient Greece and Rome , they were seen as passionate love. According to Freud, they were dreams of sexual desire and erection. He saw dreams of flying exclusively as a desire for sex. If your dream is sexual in orientation, your inability to fly high and for long could be about you feeling that something will confine or constrict you from experiencing this level of desire. But, I think when these happened, you might have been too young for it to be about that. Some modern dreams experts interpret flying dreams exclusively as a desire to get away from problematic situations or to cross one’s own boundaries. Some researchers believe that in our dreams we go back to a preborn state and make contact with the state of birds and realize our innate ability to fly. That seems far fetched to me though. Some other modern researchers believe that most dreams about flying are just a sign that we want to recuperate and refresh ourselves.

Because you indicate you have trouble flying, I might suggest you are bound by expectations on you and will have a hard time displeasing anybody else’s expectations of you and one of your challenges in life is going to be to find your own centre of identity and make choices that may upset others that have other plans for you. It sounds like you may have a family or family member that is important that is trying to tell you what to be and what to do with your life and thinking it is in your best interest, but you may at times feel boxed in by that or like you haven’t had the permission to decide for yourself what is the right move for you. That’s the feeling I get from this. Also, I do think you are onto something in terms of just being freer to go with it as a child, but I can tell you are serious and want to please people that care for you and want to achieve in life and may find yourself losing your personal creativity based on what you think you have to do as opposed to what you really want to do or who you really want to be. The example I have to give you is like if your family pressured you for your whole life to become a doctor or something and deep down inside you knew you wanted to be a singer. That would be tough and is sort of like what I feel might be happening here.

You can let me know if any of this makes sense to you. Thanks for writing in. Mary-Anne

Actually, I think that flying dreams are common. Many people report flying dreams as children, and there are a number of interpretations for this. Some say that we are remembering our ability to fly when we are”between lives”; some say that in our dream state we do go out of our bodies and that the dream is a real memory of our travels during sleep; and some say that dreams of flying signify a desire for freedom and physical control within our environment- or are an expression of the level of freedom and control that we feel we have.

Your dream of flying “not very well” speaks to me of feeling like you have (or had, at the time), an awareness that you could work wonders and move about with agility and freedom in your life, to a certain extent. You felt a little clumsy at it, but you could kind of do it. Perhaps there was a situation you were dealing with in your life about which you felt this way.

I personally had an ongoing series of flying dreams as a child which I absolutely adored, and I consciously worked in my dreams to improve my flying ability, and went to greater and greater heights. I had a resurgence of these dreams as a young adult, when I was having an”emotional growth spurt”, and again I worked to improve my ability in my dreams, with good success.

It sounds like you are thinking of flying again! If you go to sleep with the intention to fly, you may be able to make it happen, and also consciously develop your flying ability. For step-by-step instructions on how to develop conscious control in your dreams, read “The Art of Dreaming“by Carlos Castaneda. Isn’t flying just the most amazing feeling? Have fun! Warmly, Barb Huning

I freaked out when I read that someone had the dream about the aliens and the circles of fire. I had that dream. Except the aliens were about eight feet tall and they made two huge circles of fire on the ground. I was standing in between both of them. I was very scared and I just knew that they wanted to hurt me. The circles were very deep and about 50 meters in diameter. The heat was spinning inside and they made a scary roaring sound. Similar to the sound you hear when there’s a big earthquake. I live in California so I’ve heard that sound before. My dream comes to an end when I notice a telephone like object in a crevice of a rock. I walk towards it and when I reach for it…I wake up. I woke up feeling fear and terror.

About four weeks later I had another dream. This one is really interesting because it’s a religious dream. First of all, I’m not religious and I’ve had three dreams that I know are sifnificant. The first one was in 1994. The second in 1999 and the third was in October of this year. I know you would be interested in them because everyone tells me they are interesting. I didn’t think much about what I dream but friends and family have made it easier for me to accept and research my dreams. My dreams started about six or seven years ago with the concept of flying. I used to fly like my arms were wings. I used to fly at will. After those dreams I began to dream about twisters and tornadoes. I didn’t think much about these dreams but your site has really opened my eyes about my past dreams. So reading about the circles of fire and the aliens really gave me the chills because it was an important piece to the puzzle. But I’m still very confused about my religious dreams. What do they mean? Help me ease my mind. JT

Hi there, it sounds like these dreams are acting like a kind of wake up call for you, telling you to look deeper into life, and also that you have more insight and power than you might realize… dreams of flying are always positive, they speak to your ability to achieve your dreams… and if you have had dreams where you felt you were talking to God, you probably were and have opened up to elements of the Christ consciousness… in addition to telling you to investigate and develop your psychic abilities, the dreams are also telling you to open your heart to love, to free yourself from the judgments and fears of our society, so that you can soar free… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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