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Dreams with Sexual Themes

Dreams with Sexual Themes

Have never had a dream containing snakes, my recurrent dream usually involves water and me trying to navigate these elaborate obstacles, tunnels, bridges, buildings, apartments…not sure what any of it means… would appreciate any advice or deeper issues I should acknowledge. Thanks!!

Water is a symbol also of emotional life, femininity, the forces hidden within our subconscious – feminine – to me these themes are surprisingly connected in that it is like having come through obstacles to the fullest expression of yourself – sexually and creatively as well as your inner wisdom. Something is changing and there is a new freedom coming in sexual life. No need to fear. Obstacles in the past have been things within your psychology that you have transcended and the snake images now suggest you have transcended old problems but have yet to embrace a new consciousness around sexual exchanges, your femininity and desire expressed freely. I hope this helps. Mary-Anne

I have had a dream where I was in bed,

the image of a bed itself is often longing for domestic bliss and quiet. Also erotic encounters and can point to sexual problems; if that ist he case, the type of bed can point to the sexuality of the dreamer. In I Ching, bed always stands for intimacy. According to Jung – a place of security and caring and a symbol of the unconscious – symbol of the circle of life.

I leaned over the side of the bed to see the tail of a red snake

Both tail and snake are very sexual symbols and red is a positive colour representing vitality, energy, love, passion and activity. Red can be a sign of aggression but not always. Red is the colour of emotions. Can point to emotional upheaval and often points to a situation that is packed with intensity. The snake is a symbol of fear and also sexual – transforming into a symbol of wholeness and rebirth. Possible symbol of the dark feminine and deception, but can also can represent wisdom and cunning. Almost every woman dreams about snakes at least one in her life – could mean fear of a rival or of the male gender in general. Physical drives. If something is not right in that area, snake dreams appear. Now, snakes can also indicate upcoming healing and a return to vitality. Secret wisdom and the revelation of the hidden. Something important is taking place in the unconscious – could be dangerous or could be healing.

sliding beneath the bed, it took what seemed like a very long time for the length of the snake to disappear under the top of the bed…and then I became scared…the next thing I knew, I was out of the bed, telling my ex-husband that there was a snake under the bed, that he needed to help me find it and get rid of it…and then it was not my ex husband anymore, it was another male figure, but someone I was familiar with.

This is a highly sexual dream and speaks to the issue of men and sexual opening (did your ex have an affair by any chance?) – satisfaction and the wisdom of sexual exchange. What has been going on for you that way? Are you opening up more – desiring more – have had either sexual issues which are healing now or increasing drive – the ex will represent where you have been (and finished processing the emotional and sexual issues that may have been there) and the new fellow where you are going. They are not necessarily about the individual but representations within yourself of past sexual dissatisfaction and new (coming) sexual satisfaction and changes. As well as a deeper experience of sex. It scares you and there is a new level of depth opening up within you on the sexual front. Have you had a satisfying sexual life to now? Has your desire been free in your sexual exchanges?

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