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Dreams and Being Psychic

Dreams and Being Psychic

Dreams that come true are one of the first indications of psychic ability….

I’ve never spoken to often about this as I feel a bit silly, but is it possible that I may be a little bit psychic? I have had several dreams (reacurring) and everything that I dreamt and in exactly the same sequence that I dreamt it, has come true.

One example of this, is when I was about 15yrs old I had a dream, about my friend and I going horse riding. I only had this dream once, but it was so vivid that I told my Mum about it the next day. (Promptly then forgetting about it).

Anyway, two weeks later my friend and I went horse riding and I had a terrible accident. What scared me the most, is that everything that happened on that day, happened exactly as I had dreamt it two weeks prior, from me getting my horse, gearing up, riding to the farm, putting our helmets in the drain and going for a gallop up a steep hill, and then finally getting tangled and my horse and I doing a summersault and me blacking out.

Since then I have had several other similar dreams and always really vivid. Thank you for your time. Melissa

Yes, dreams that come true are one of the first ways that psychic ability will manifest. It is probably a good idea for you to start keeping a journal of your dreams – this can be useful in helping you to interpret and validate them. Read, learn a tool like the tarot, study the meaning of numbers and learn about astrology… learn about all of the universal symbols, from colours and numbers to the archetypes… developing one’s psychic ability and knowledge is a life-long study and practice, so take your time, follow your nose to those areas that interest you and have some fun exploring. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am 14 years old, and I have been having some strange experiences lately. I will have a dream, sometimes abstract, and sometimes in full detail, and then some part or element in the dream will come true in the days, weeks, or months to come. It is always something very small or subtle, some small detail of every day life will be predicted in my dream. For example, one night a few weeks ago, I had a detailed dream about a man infected with the HIV virus. I had never met the man before the dream. The dream was very simple, all that happened was that I met the man in a small classroom and had a short conversation with him. I can’t remember what was said. The next morning, I was reading the newspaper and I saw a large article about AIDS and the HIV virus. At the top of the article was a picture of a man infected with the HIV virus teaching a group of students about the effects it has had on his life. The strangest thing was, that it was the same exact man from my dream the night before, in the very same classroom! It was just a small detail, but it was something.

Another time, I dreampt that a close family member of mine got a serious injury to the left side of his head, and went into a coma. In the dream, no one believed that he was going to live. Right before I woke up, however, he pulled out of the coma and survived, but was never the same again. Three days later, a family friend of mine was distraught over her cousin, who had just gotten in a terrible accident. He had gotten hit by a car, and fell onto the sidewalk, receiving a near-fatal injury to the left side of his head. He was now in a coma, and was not excepted to survive. I said nothing, not trusting my powers enough for a situation like this. However, right after we talked to the friend, I told my mother that I knew he was going to pull out of the coma sometime in the next two weeks. I couldn’t tell her how I knew, but to trust me. Sure enough, exactly one week later he regained conciousness. He did, however, receive permanent brain damage, just as my dream predicted.

Other than that, I have never experienced any major predictions through my dreams. Quite often, my dreams are more like the first dream I described: predicting small details of my next day. It isn’t much, but is it something? Does it all mean anything? Milanda

Yes, dear it does mean something – dreams that come true are one of the first ways that our psychic abilities will manifest, so these dreams are telling you that you’re much more than you know and should pay attention… good idea would be for you to keep a journal of your dreams. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Hi, I am 14 years old. I was just recently in Yosemite on vacation with my family. While there, last Thursday night, I had a terrible dream that my dog had died. I saw my dog laying there without a movement in her body. I began to cry and pet her, remembering all the good times we have shared together. On Friday morning when I woke up, I was still really shocked but thankful that it was just a dream. Later on that day, around dusk, we were walking back from the pool and we saw all these people crouched down over something, looking really upset. One lady was crying and looking really helpless. As we got closer, we saw a black lab (which is the same as my dog) laying there on the grass…..lifeless. I felt a chill through my body as I looked at that lady that was crying and felt her pain from her dead dog just as I had the night before. It was almost like a dejavue but it kind of freaked me out. Do you think this could resemble any psychic powers or predicting the future? That would be great to know. Thanks a lot for your time. love ~Sarah~

Yes, dear, this is certainly a sign of some psychic ability… your soul knowing that seeing the woman and the dog the next day would be quite disturbing for you, so you had a chance to be prepared…. and also to feel some compassion. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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