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Dream Themes

Dream Themes

dreams - dream themes - dream symbolsSo many are dreaming of major Earth Changes and the Millennium Shift….. Perhaps we’re tapping into the Universal Mindstream, receiving a group warning….. Perhaps also each of these dreams is laden with personal symbols and messages… While we always suggest that you seek the personal messages in these dreams of the earth shifts, we have noticed two common themes that appear to offer a warning for all of us…

The most common theme in so many dreams is of the rising waters, floods, mudslides, rivers overrunning their banks, buildings being toppled by huge tidal waves.

What’s interesting is that in almost every case, the dreamer can save themselves, there’s a place of safety for some, a sense of acceptance…. and the waters recede, life goes on after the floods. Water in your dreams can have many meanings …

Many dreamers are reporting seeing a strange kind of fire that seems to come from the air. They write of a very hot intense fire that seems to burn the through flesh, like a nuclear explosion. Others are seeing massive forest fires, the lands burning up.

Fire in your dreams is often about cleansing and purification.

Your Dreams: Earth Changes and the New Millennium

I think the dreams and the visions that are coming to so many people are coming as a warning, and that they are quite natural and normal in these changing times… they tell us that the times are changing and we must be ready to move with them… it seems that from the beginning the planet has tried to communicate with us, to tell us when she needs to adjust her weight so we can get out of the way, but now we have been so out of touch with this communication, not so many pay attention to the signs…

I report them on our site to help people wake up to the fact the world is changing and very rapidly, that the very face of the earth itself is being changed as we speak, that we cannot hide our heads in the sand like the ostrich or we will find ourselves smothered by the earth, by the changes… the planet loves us enough to give us the signs – the winds picking up, the waters churning around us, all we have to do is get out of the way and we can survive comfortable through this change…

Hi Danielle,

You wanted to hear what other people think about the future. I’m a Dutch working house mother, my son is 10 years old. I like to predict what the Dutch weather is going to be this winter. And until now I was right about that. Sometimes I want just to draw things that are spooking inside my head, but they never came out. Until a few days ago….I slept very bad since the end of 1998. That night I fell in a very stupid sleep. Every now and then I wake up. I was dreaming from time to time, but I couldn’t really remember all of them. One dream somehow, stayed in my mind and make me think about the future.

This was my dream: I was eating in a restaurant with my family, I felt myself comfortable, and I think everybody was happy. Maybe some wedding party. (my sister and best friend are not married yet, so who knows) But I looked outside the window and something inside said me to go out and take my son with me. (my husband seemed not to be there at that moment, I don’t know why not) There was a big lake. I couldn’t see the other side of the water. It began to storm, harder and harder. A lot of people from the restaurant, family and friends, came out also. And we stood there staring at the water coming up.

There was a lot of garbage in the water and it came toward us slow at the beginning, but faster and faster. The water made a big wave, a few meters high. And we just stood there and watched the trees floating in the water, and great white boxes and pieces of cars and houses. suddenly I was back in the restaurant, that became a big boat. Around us where the boxes, trees and everything. All the people around me looked like they thought it was normal and ate their dinner, sang their songs and stayed there for the night, because we couldn’t go home, there was water everywhere.

It looks like a nightmare, when I read this back, but it wasn’t. I think it was just a sort of vision. Something that’s coming and we can’t hold. I truly believe there going to happen something, it’s hanging in the air, you can smell it. May it’s just the very cold winter that’s coming up in Europe when America and Mexico are warming up again. But when I walk with my dog, I feel something in the air, my husband doesn’t believe me, so I don’t talk about it very often. In fact, nobody believes me when I’m going to try to explain, so I keep my mouth shut. May be you believe something I tell you. It’s the last time I’m trying to tell someone. But I’m definitely going to make a painting of my dream, when my present job is finished. I think we have much water in our little country, too much we can handle, and again there will be lots of houses in the water. This is how I think about this winter in Holland. If this is not what it’s going to be, than I may be wrong about my feelings of what going to happen in future too, but my dream was real, maybe it’s some dream, dream-experts are very pleased to explain in daylife things.

With my best regards Mariella from Holland

You are one of many reporting unusual dreams in the last few weeks – so far, water with lots of rubbish in it appears to be one of the common themes, a second has been a kind of firestorm or nuclear blast… I too can feel the coming changes in the air, it’s as if everything looks different, even the sun at a slightly different angle – I keep telling myself that it’s just because I’m so alert and sensitive now, but the truth is that I have been feeling something powerful coming for this time for more than ten years.

What was interesting to me was that you drew your son close to you – mine is now 29, but in almost every vision, that is what happens, he is with me, and I draw him close to me – and like you, we are not fearful, just aware…. However, these dreams usually have a personal meaning, so, I suggest you consider these possibilities:

  • I always suggest that we take a personal view of these “big” dreams” – you might want to check out the dream section on our web site – Susan, aka Rabbit, has done a very good job of describing what each of the earth elements in our dreams can mean. You may find that the section on water in your dreams is helpful. In any case, for me, water in my dreams speaks to my subconscious self making itself known in my life – and the rubbish would indicate perhaps your sense that you are feeling cluttered internally and there is a desire to cleanse somehow… the dream of itself is cleansing in nature… expanding on this, it could also speak to your perception that those around you are unconscious, and therefore in danger of drowning… the peace and ease here speaks to one of two things – either the fact that you perceive others as being asleep to what is really occurring around them (I kept thinking of the Titanic as I read your note – the folks who kept on dancing, thinking they couldn’t possibly be going down….), or it could be speaking to the fact that what’s coming is a natural change, desirable, and unstoppable, so you might as well relax and enjoy it. In any case, I would certainly be on the alert in my personal life at this time for any shifts and changes….
  • The new millennium is making people crazy in some ways. As it approaches, the level of fear in the universe is growing exponentially – your dreams could easily be picking up on the universal consciousness which right now holds many images like those in your dreams. Many are very fearful right now, and this is projected into the ethers for us all to be able to see and feel. We are receiving many reports like yours of troubling dreams from all points on the globe in the last months – I believe that this is a mass phenomenon and will increase over the coming years …
  • That said, I cannot discount the possibility that you are seeing a future event, whether symbolically or accurately. If you can take yourself back to the dream to look closely at your son and the people around you, you may get a sense of the timing and location of the upcoming event – and given that you simply watch it unfold it around you in the dream, you may find that you can protect yourself from a flood over the next months by being sensitive to the energy around you, knowing when to get out of the way.

Your perceptions of the weather in Europe this winter fit very closely with mine – I have been uncomfortable with the weathermen’s reports that El Nino has passed and La Nina won’t cause much trouble… the oceans are angry at the way they have been abused all these years and they’re fighting back right now.

I suggest that we focus on generating as much love as possible in their lives, for themselves and all those around them, and for Mother Earth. If we are in for a wild ride, being in a loving, fearless space – as you saw in your dream, seems to be the safest way to ride it out; and if nothing happens, well, you’ve generated some beautiful energy in your life and it will surely have moved you forward towards whatever goals you have set for yourself.

So, as you expected, we do reply to most of the notes that come in to us, sometimes more quickly than others… But I am especially keen to respond to these dreams that are coming in from all parts of the world right now…

Hope these notes are useful to you, Lotsa LLLove, and Best Wishes, Danielle

Thanks for reacting that soon on my dream. Your notes were really very interesting. Especially because I dreamt (? ai my English) this dream again this night. It was exactly the same. Amazing. But now I remember more. I do know now why I got out of the restaurant to look at the lake. There was the sound of birds in the sky. Thousands of birds were flying over from North to South, I’m very sure of that. My husband was still not there. (though I love him very much. our love is still growing). When the birds flew over, the wind was coming. and after the the wave came.

With lots of happy thoughts and greetings, Mariella (from The Netherlands)

I too feel that there are tremendous earth changes coming and the sensitive ones of us are becoming more and more aware. I have always felt that spirit works with us the way that they know we understand best. Dreams seldom work for me but I am having more and more dreams about feeding multitudes of people. Almost like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I believe we are meant to store dehydrated food and beans and grains.

A lot of people in my meditation circle are feeling compelled to save seeds. We discovered this spontaneous urge when sharing one night and we could not believe that we are all compelled to do it. Many are city people who have no experience in this matter but seem suddenly to know how to do it. Interesting times.

Hold on to your love, and live well this year, Victoria

Your Dreams  & Our Interpretations

I’m not exactly psychic… or whatsoever… but my dreams sometimes do come thru’. Lately I’ve been having some unpleasant ones… There was one I had recently..
water in dreams

I saw a large pool of water… covered with a thin layer of ice…

I don’t rightly know whether it’s a large piece of ice being thawed out or a vast area of water being frozen… There’re marine life… I remember seeing a swordfish of some kind… (or was it a shark? — really I’ve got no idea.. the dreams are so vague).


Another one was about a great fire…. real intense fire….. burning people… and they were all reduced to their fire in dreamsskeletal frames… charred… but still screaming… (that scared the hell outta me, phew..)

I’m writing this because I’m real concerned about the armageddon and stuff….. *sighzz* I don’t wanna see the beautiful earth go into waste… What happens to all the innocent children.. and animals of the world when the earth we’re living on now receives the “deep impact” that will annihilate all life?

Blessed be, JiMMie



I can understand why you might be concerned when you’ve been having such strange dreams. I’d like to offer you several different possibilities for these dreams, thoughts for you to consider…

First of all, the dramatic fire and water episodes speak to some conflicts or oppositions at work in you these days, things you’re trying to get into balance… You might want to check out the dream section on our web site for some good details of what these symbols can mean in your dreams. It’s usually wise to look to your own life for a specific application of these disaster type dreams – for example, there was a time in my life when I was experiencing many awful visions of various world catastrophes; at the same time, my life was in great turmoil and the dreams were not only precognitive on a very personal level, but they were about processing a lot of fear and anxiety that I was holding within me. In your case, my first questions are: are there any places in your own life where you feel you’re on very thin ice? – or perhaps someone you love is? – and because of the effect on the marine life you noted in your dream, I would add that you seem to be also afraid that someone – perhaps you, perhaps one close to you, is taking some serious risks that are harmful to others. This is underlined by the fire dreams where others are screaming….
Either you are picking up on our universal fear right now, or there is some truth and precognitive information in your dreams… the poles are melting, the world’s water is very much out of balance and many species are disappearing. As a planet, we’re certainly walking on thin ice. The fire could have been a nuclear bomb – it produces the effect you saw in your dreams.

So, Jimmie, what I am suggesting here is that there can be a variety of explanations for these dreams, some very personal and some global.. and all of them can provide useful insight to you about your life and your world. All of them may hold some truth and information – our dreams usually serve a multiplicity of purposes and are intended to deliver a variety of messages….

The visions of many years ago have since manifested; much of what I saw then and refused to accept as possible has appeared in real life. Because of my own experiences and the number of dreams that are being reported to us, I am inclined to believe that something will happen to shake us all up, or perhaps many somethings… and perhaps we’re already in the midst of it… If we are approaching an armageddon, an ending of sorts, and if some will suffer through this, than I suggest that this is the right time to become very loving within ourselves, for ourselves, others and the world… for I know of no other way to counterbalance the fear and offer protection to those who may be in pain from it… perhaps our good loving energy can influence these changes, make them easier for all…

Hope that makes some sense to you. It’s the best I can suggest… I think the world is suffering because we have been so frightened for so long. The worst we can do now is respond in fear… the best we can do is generate lots of love… Best wishes and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dear Danielle,

Thank you for your help. I will use your advice appropriately. I will try to find the inner love in myself. I am sure it will work.

Actually, I am already feeling less confused with your advice.

Blessed be, JiMMie

Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

Remember, you can remember your dreams and when you do, write them down immediately!

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