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Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretations

by Serge Grandbois, with Kris

“Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for 22 years, helping many people from all walks of life. He is fascinating!” ~ Colorado Seth Conference

Night Terrors

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a 10 year old son named Joshua. Ever since his father and I divorced Joshua has had very weird experiences. When was 3 1/2 he had night terrors for at least 2 years. Every night he would wake up screaming that he couldn’t sleep because “the people “wouldn’t leave him alone. At the time we lived with my parents and they were even freaking out. The night terrors stopped eventually but he still says weird things. Like if someone close to him dies he says they come and see him to tell him goodbye and how special of a child he is. Joshua is pretty much a loner and the other kids his age are usually really mean to him for no apparent reason and this really worries me. It’s like adults are drawn to my son and other children are repulsed by him. He is a quiet caring little boy with a big heart and I’m just worried about him. He will not sleep in the dark, or even be out in the dark alone, also he is highly claustrophobic.

I also have a 12 year old son Zachary. He wakes up usually about 12-2 am saying really weird things like he can’t handle it anymore and that there is no way he will listen to “them” outside. Do you think that where we live that maybe something happened on this land years ago and maybe that could be the cause of a lot of this?

We also have a history of witches on my mothers side of the family. I myself get premonitions, really bad feelings that something bad is going to happen and when I do something happens. One day I was leaving to go Christmas shopping and I walked outside and everything looked kind of gray and hazy, so I came back in for about 5 minutes, to get more money and everything looked normal. 5 miles down the road there was a car flipped on its top with another car involved

We are been picking up that there is more to this situation than meets the eye, so it is a complex situation. The child is picking up something the mother or parents are going through.

Now we don’t know if there is a father at home or she is a single mother, but there is a problem the child is unable to understand at his age, but it seems to involve a conflict at home, and if there is a set of parents, then they are both involved, if the mother is a single mom, she is troubled by something (NO, not her son’s behaviour) that the son can’t fathom for his age, maybe even an emotional, adult level problem. That should be resolved.

The idea is that the problem is not related solely to the child, but the child’s problem is part of something in the home front and he is translating it into terms he can deal with, even if she can’t make sense of it right now.

The other lifetime talk is not unusual for many children, who can often pick up information from some of their other selves’ lives. Especially since young children haven’t fully learned to ‘standardize’ their ego and rational thinking into rigid formats. There is often still this flow of information available to them as they don’t see it as threatening to the self as some adults do.

As for night terrors themselves, they can be practically interrupted, giving time to make any and all needed changes on all fronts. Especially the breaking of the patterns of the night problem. This can very easily done as follows.

Night terrors and other related situations (bad dreams, even bed wetting) can easily be brought under control. This simply involves a breaking of the patterns. Mom can make certain that between 30 to 45 minutes after child goes to sleep, the child be gently awakened for a few minutes, then allowed to go back to sleep. Do so after the next 30 to 45 minutes again, twice a night for a week. Should break the patterns.

Its important to gently awaken the child AND to let him know he is loved and that his sleep will get better.

Using crystals and many other items can be well intentioned, but they can just as easily be a means through which the individual (regardless a child or adult) can also amplify their challenge. It can lead to further concentration on the problem, and since you usually get what you concentrate upon, best to concentrate upon something else.

We will send energy to help the household deal with whatever situation they are presently not dealing with.

Also, the son is, as already pointed out, sensitive to other people’s emotions, both those demonstrated and those especially adults think a child will not know about. However, he seems to be very sentient, though not able to clearly understand the situation of adults, but still able to discern something is askew, or not kosher.

We also get the notion that though very young a lot is asked of the son about something. It is as if there are high expectations of him, and fears of failure and/or rejection are partially involved in this family drama. Each member of the family is involved (regardless of how many or how few), and they have to realize this.

We suggest some help from outside as well. For example, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) might prove extremely beneficial here. Try NLP Centres in the phone book, or others you find.

This situation should be able to be resolved as long as all parties agree that the child’s problem is also their problem in very real terms. Everyone has a part to play. Much love to all of you. Serge, and Kris

Is there any information on the website concerning ‘frozeness’ in dreams? I don’t know the right word, but this is what I experienced some times a long time ago. Well, I’m 20, and I think I experienced it before I was a teenager. All my dreams are in color by the way, I think. This frozeness was a vivid dream. I felt like my body was frozen. Paralyzed was more like it, but tingly if I remember correctly. Basically, I was unable to move in the dream. I think my muscles were locked inside the dream itself. I think I tried screaming in the dream, to wake up, which I think I woke up silently. There is a chance I could have been halfway between a dream state and being awake, but I’m not sure. But I’m pretty sure the experience was vivid that I had. It’s hard to explain. Tony

During our deepest stages of dreaming and sleeping, the body produces a chemical that “freezes” us – this is so we won’t go acting out our dreams and hurt ourselves. It is rare for us to awaken during this stage – but not so rare for young people… when your hormones are raging, the inner locks get upset and you will awaken when you’re not supposed to…. it is scary, but if you can just relax, breathe deeply and let your body recover its balance – things come back to normal in just a minute or two. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Shake Up Coming

I’m not sure if you can interpret this dream, the only reason I thought I would ask, is that I don’t dream often, or if I do it’s never clear. This dream I woke up and was very shaken, it sticks clearly in my mind. I’m sitting in a dark room, looking out very large windows, looking into the darkness, I have a feeling of great relaxation and peace. In the distance I see what I think is lightening, and I get excited by this, because I love thunderstorms. I’m sitting watching, and smiling. I notice it coming closer and faster, I look up in the sky and notice its a plane, and what I thought was lightning is actually missiles. I run to the back door and open the door to find they hit everywhere but the house I was in. That’s when i woke up shaking, i freeze at the sound of a jet now. I was just wondering if you have any idea what this dream could mean. thank you for your time Liz

I get a preliminary sense that there is more than one layer of dream involved.. and there are extremes in the dream and lots going on.

First there is serenity and peace in the dark room (inner self), but looking out the window (her waking interactions with the outside world??), she sees activity, action!

There may be some trepidations or even undue worries about the disasters that may befall her in the outside world, as if the outside world is NOT a safe place to be in.

I sense is that the dreamer is in some way trying to bring to her conscious awareness that she may be harbouring different minds about the world. One where the inner reality is safe, but the outer physical reality may not be. That doesn’t mean the physical world is not a safe place, but the thoughts and fears about it may make it unsafe.

Also I sense that in another way her inner self or unconscious is trying to alert the dreamer that what ever happens, she will be protected. Her house (life or self) will always be safe guarded.

And I sense also that there is a predictive element in a way here. NOT that her surroundings will be bombed in her physical life, but that she may be unconsciously preparing herself for events that she may be drawing into her life, that are on the horizon. Events that may BE like bombs, but not physical bombs… perhaps emotional or psychological bombs. Something that will shake the dreamer up.

I also find it interesting that she ran to the back door, not the front as most people would do. The back door would also relate to her inner self, the unconscious, like she is seeing that whatever will shake her up in life, she still has that knowledge that her inner world is still intact, likely a reassurance, a securing connection.

The dreamer can actually ask or suggest to her dream-self to help make it more clear, more readily understandable. This can sometimes have great results.

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Serge Joseph Grandbois is one of the most insightful and clear channelers to emerge in over 20 years. Serge speaks for an engaging, original and intelligent “Energy Personality Gestalt” called Kris. Together they have spoken in many North American cities. Whenever Kris speaks, he introduces the individual to his/her potentials, as well as outlining tools with which to lead more fulfilling lives. Kris’ material is clear and concise, challenging conventions and cliches. Kris has always favoured in-depth exploration of a person’s situation, avoiding pat answers and unreliable quick fixes, addressing the person’s intellect and intuitions, awakening critical faculties and a sense of self-discovery.

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