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Divine Dreaming, Dreaming Divinely

Divine Dreaming, Dreaming Divinely: How We Interpret Dreams

Global Psychics Interpret Divine Dreams

We group dreams slightly differently than the norm. We use these four categories:

  • daily processing,
  • problem-solving,
  • psychological, and
  • divine.

We believe that most of our remembered dreams are divinely inspired. Whether that divine origin is a universal God source, or your higher self, your soul or your superconscious, isn’t the debate. The point is that the information comes from a source other than your subconscious – a source that funnels information through your subconscious, purposefully. Dreams are a way of tapping into your soul, as well as your subconscious and what some might call your superconscious self.

In this context, many dreams are divine, which opens the door a little wider than the precognitive category described earlier. We’ve replaced the precognitive category usually used with “the divine” which includes precognitive, spiritual and past life experiences. All three of these types of dreams come from a divine source – when we’re ready for the information. Yes, somtimes we go back and in our dreams take a message from a past life experience, and sometimes we go forward to see what is coming – whether that is a new partner in our lives, a new baby, or a new job. And sometimes, spirit comes to visit in our dreams. These are all what we call Divine Dreams, connecting us with our Source.

A lot of dreams, though, especially some of the scarier ones, are about processing – processing fears mostly… These dreams help us discharge some of the electrical energy in us around our fears… and then there are the problem-solving dreams. Pay attention to the throughts that are with you in the morning – oftentimes we find solutions to our problems when we sleep… always a good idea to “sleep on it” when we hit an obstacle in life.

Interpreting such dreams correctly can help you evolve, spiritually and emotionally. Ignoring them won’t necessarily hurt you. But interpreting the dream can put your mind at ease and also help you to grow when you consciously apply the information contained in it.

How do we know the difference between the types of dreams? Knowledge, experience, and mostly intuition. Most psychic information comes through in symbols, sounds, colors, and images that sometimes make no sense to the interpreter. Experience and training, combined with dedicated psychic ability enables our readers to “tune into” your dreams and help you define their purpose for you.

A Divine Dream

Please forgive the ramblings of a temporary fevered mind :-) That last email on time should read 21:12 21/12 2112, not 20:12 20/12 2012! I’ve got the Mayan calendar so burned into my mind, that’s all I tend to see sometimes! 2112 2112 2112 will be exactly 100 years AFTER the end of the Mayan calendar! Well, today is 20/02, 2002, and perhaps the reflections on this theme yesterday set the tone for a dream I had last night, which I would like to share with you.

I am at a birthday party. It is my sister’s birthday and she is six years old today, and in the dream I am also my sister and experiencing the magic and wonder of everything around me directly through her eyes. I feel how much she adores me, her precious older brother, as well as her parents and my younger brother, and I am so touched I want to cry. I live through an entire day through her eyes, and then I find myself in the body of my grandmother when she was still alive. Again, I see all the familiar relationships from a totally different perspective. I touch her pain, I touch her love, and I realize I am seeing her like I’ve never seen her before. The dream continues all night long. I shape shift and feel myself becoming all the people that are important to me, family, friends, loved ones. Soon I learn that I can be in any one incarnation and shape shift in and out of various people’s lives at will. I become aware of one unchanging wheel of life that holds steady as the players change. I see that the only common connection is love. My heart is so full. I see myself as no longer identified with myself as a personality, but as the I AM Presence, incarnate in any or all of these personalities simultaneously, and extending throughout the planet. I decide to explore other times. I become part of ancient Camelot in England , feeling the group soul of those times, then I feel into the invading armies of Saxons. There is so much pain now because I feel the enmity between these groups of people, and yet I have seen so clearly through each of their eyes what is most precious to each of them, and it’s the same things: life, family, land, and peace that they can enjoy these. In the last part of my dream I am of the Druids. I am at Stonehenge , before the Standing Stones were broken, and there is a tremendous hum of life energies flowing through the circle of stones and through the land. I realize that the Great Wheel of Life is superimposed directly over the Circle of Stones. They are one and the same, a portal for the I AM consciousness to individualize and travel anywhere in time and space it chooses, and then telescope back out unified with all life in all times.

I woke up from the dream and cried for a long time. I’m crying still as I share this dream. Perhaps this is what John Lennon was trying to teach in his immortal song, Imagine. There was so much love in the dream. Indeed I am so deeeply aware that love is all there is. Love is as simple as seeing through another’s eyes. If each human glimpsed a tiny fraction of this in direct experience how could we ever go to war or hurt each other or any aspect of the One Presence ever again? One heart Kiara

Kiara, what a wonderful experience for you to bring from your dream time into your world… I suggest also that you be alert over the next months, you may find some new openings in your abilities and some new energy running through you… I have had some similar experiences and have noticed how they are often harbingers of some delightful new talent or strength… BTW, this was probably as much an OBE event as it was a dream… in other words you probably travelled in some senses through both time and space

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