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Apocalyptic Dreams

Apocalyptic Dreams

Dreaming of Earth Changes? Wondering what they might mean?

Dreams of a kind of Apocalypse are common right now. Among our own Global Psychics team there were three or four occurrences of similar dreams, all within the same week. While it is likely that each has some personal meaning for the dreamer, these dreams seem to be warning us, individually and as a group consciousness of some big changes to come in the coming years. Here is an example of these apocalyptic dreams and our comments on them. Notice the distinct similarities, the themes again of water, winds and fire… yet these reports are coming in from all points on the globe… interesting, indeed!

Tell us about the dreams that have disturbed you recently.

I usually tour the web on the weekend mornings with my coffee, looking for new apocalyptic dreams people have had. I ran into your sight and have been looking around. The real dreams people are having concern a real coming event. It will break humanity into 3 basic parts: 1) those “leaving” 2) those chosen as “helpers” and 3) the part of humanity that will survive and will need help. The following is from your site:

I too feel that there are tremendous earth changes coming and the sensitive ones of us are becoming more and more aware. I have always felt that spirit works with us the way that they know we understand best. Dreams seldom work for me but I am having more and more dreams about feeding multitudes of people. Almost like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I believe we are meant to store dehydrated food and beans and grains. A lot of people in my meditation circle are feeling compelled to save seeds. We discovered this spontaneous urge when sharing one night and we could not believe that we are all compelled to do it. Many are city people who have no experience in this matter but seem suddenly to know how to do it

On your site it says: “Dreams are one of the great mysteries of life….”

Well, not anymore. This is a real event and the people are getting information on it – they just have no context in which to view it. There is really nothing to interpret here, outside of references to things we should look up for a corresponding meaning – like a dream where the person was told “Rubicon” in connection to the eye of God, which is the ancient symbol of the coming event; the exposed galactic core in the sky.

The link is below and the time is short. People like to scare themselves with the year 2012 because it is so far away – I am here to tell you, 2012 is not the date – it is coming next spring. I have put 32 years into this – it all fits. Dreams are the only contact we have because 5400 years ago, all the information was changed or eliminated. The “Goddess culture” oral tradition was replaced by the lies of men.

regards Jim The time comes when every belief on the planet will be tested. Did you study? J E Finn

Thanks for sharing, Jim, I agree, the time is now… with so many in a coma it hasn’t been noticed by many… by 2012 I expect things will finally begin to settle into a new paradigm… we shall see… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I had a dream about five years ago when I first moved back to Colorado Springs , CO from Florida . I just want to know if anyone else has experienced the exact sequence of events in my dream? I believe this sequence may help pinpoint an exact date as to when this event may occur in the very near future. The sequence of events in my dream is as follows:

1. My mother, father and I are watching “Wheel of Fortune” on CBS Channel 11 here in Colorado Springs . The time is between 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time. I believe the day is a Thursday.

2. Suddenly, “Wheel of Fortune” is interrupted by a Special Bulletin. Dan Rather comes on the air to announce a totally devastating earthquake has struck our West Coast measuring in some areas 12.0 to 15.0 on the Richter scale. All the younger news journalists are trying to cover the story by air if they can.

3. Whole sections of California have literally dissolved and dropped into the ocean during the quake. There are also two volcanoes erupting in either Northern California, Oregon , or Washington . CBS has also put Walter Cronkite back on the air to help cover the story since so many of the younger journalists may be already lost or some may still be in the air.

4. We watch as long as we can. We are told the Western grid of the US is going down, and the blackout will spread to other grids across the US . We are told to listen to any radio stations (even short wave radios) which may still be broadcasting or operating thru the night.

5. People in neighborhoods across the US band together for protection and to share any news thru the long night.

6. The TV news eventually comes back on and the US Military, National Guard, Red Cross, etc., are asking for help from the American population to mass mobilize any transporation to help with the evacuation of the West Coast population. First line emergency tent camps are now set up in Nevada , Arizona , Idaho , and Montana . Other Western states will be added to the list in the coming days as necessary for emergency shelters. Anyone with relatives on the West Coast is asked to offer their relatives and friends temporary and immediate shelter.

7. The West Coast is evacuated in three weeks to three months. The area is declared to be geologically unstable for many years to come. For many areas of the West Coast, there will be no returning of the population or any rebuilding of any kind. The US is permanently changed in population and landscape by this massive earthquake.

I hope a national plan for this mass migration and evacuation is already in place. I hope this dream remains only a dream and does not come to pass!

If anyone else has had similar dreams or visions with parts of my dream sequence, please post them to this website. If this is a dream of an upcoming major event, we need to pinpoint the exact date and time and possibly people can then prepare. Karen

No dear, no one has reported a sequence of events like this appearing in their dreams, although lots of folks have had dreams and visions of California disappearing into the sea… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

This is a two part dream I had a few years back. To preposses the story; I had been at a convention in Miami and wanted to leave a few days earlier. I had called the airlines trying to change my flight. They took my number and advised me they would call were a seat to become available.

That night, I dreamed that the phone rang and it was the airline telling me to come down to the airport because a seat had become available. I got into a cab, went to the airport, checked in and got a window seat. The plane went up and then the pilot said, “Sorry Ladies and Gentleman but due to technical difficulties we will have the return to the airport.” I looked out the plane window and it seemed we were landing onto the freeway.

Then suddenly I saw this giant dial and I turned it and as I did the whole scene disappeared and an entire new scene replaced it. This time, I was walking on the beach and suddenly (and this is where I am a bit confused) the sun either set or rose. But it was not the sun, it was the globe/the entire world. It was so huge it was shocking. I wanted to tell people and started running down the beach but didnt see anyone. As I ran I looked up and I saw a house on the hill so I ran in that direction. The house had huge glass windows and I saw that there was a party in progress. I began banging on the window to get the people’s attention but they continued to laugh and dance, paying no attention to me. I yelled and banged louder and harder but still no one noticed or acknowledged me. I continued to yell to them to come out as I felt the world must be ending. Then I heard a voice (it was the same voice that used to call my name when I was a kid but this time I heard more than my name) and it said, “Stop, for only a few will be given to see.” I returned to tbe beach and only saw one other individual staring up at the phenomena. Then suddenly the world starting turning topsy turvy. It spun and the next thing I know I seemed to be in space floating like I was a spirit. As such, I watched as the earth spun off its axis and hurled out into space. Then once again I was back inside the earth and it was righting itself. A huge wind came up and blew what appeared to be blue inky stencils all around me and I was wrapped in them.

I woke to the phone ringing. It was the airlines. They told me that if I hurried, I could get a flight out of Miami . I dressed, got into a cab and went down to the airport where I was assigned a window seat. The plane went up into the air and then the pilot announced, “Sorry Ladies and Gentleman but due to technical difficulties we will have the return to the airport.” I looked out the window and watched as we ran down the airport tarp and was reminded how much it looked like the freeway.

I always thought that this was a precognitive dream. One part happened immediately to show me it was the present and the other may be a forewarning of our impending future. I sure hope not. Deardra

I find your story truly fascinating… partly because I have had several others like it reported to me in the last few years… not quite as clear and specific as yours but many of the same images… but it is also interesting because it fits very closely with the messages that I was given in the late 80’s about how things would unfold in the coming years… I was told how there would be many signs given, but that folks would be distracted by their lives, would choose to ignore them… so the message for you, specifically, is to start thinking about this dream, and to start behaving in your own life like this is the end of time… and I don’t mean in the way of stocking up as so many scared folks have been prone to do, that won’t help, except in a few isolated cases perhaps…but in terms of the inner work, moving towards a place of love and peace and harmony, doing your best to reconnect with your soul, and the Oneness, attending carefully to your personal surroundings and living prayerfully and gently on the earth… if you have been one of those given to see these things, then you must have some purpose in knowing, some work that needs to be done, some preparation, personally…

These dreams are a wake up call, usually, alerting you to move into gear… Hope that helps, many blessings… one other bit of good news… you are actually one of many… there are folks like you and me, folks who have seen and have an inner understanding of the shifts upon us, now seeded in communities all over the world…even though many haven’t believed what they have seen, their souls will be guiding them so that when the time comes, if it comes, they will know what to do… perhaps, through our loving prayers, we may be able to shift things for those around us…time will tell. Call for your angels and guides to lead you in understanding how this information can be useful to you, what work you need to attend to, and you will be gently led to it… Perhaps also you might find that working with the affirmation “I will to will Thy will” will be most useful to you… this alerts the One to the fact that you are ready now to align your purpose with the Highest Light, and will help you to draw the right inspiration and resources to you. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

At Peace With the Changes

Over the last seven years I have been having a series of dreams that are all linked. I know that these dreams are all part of some prophetic sequence. I feel as if I should be announcing something to the entire world on T.V but the thing is I’m not exactly sure what it is.

The strange thing is that in these dreams I feel so incredibly happy, almost magic. I will be standing often in a lift (often a glass one) and as I look out I will notice what looks like a huge black cat licking and cleaning itself. This image is always across water and as I continue to look I realize that the image is actually a hurricane. There is no fear or urgency in my dream, just a really casual mention of “Oh it’s 1 o’clock, time to go.” Almost like we are all about to go down into some sort of shelter.

Then there are dreams that follow on from this and this is the weirdest part. It is almost as if the earth is some sort of creature that wakes up and I will be somewhere walking ( again usually around water ) and then I hear a huge grumbling sound and the walkway buckels beneath my feet and then as I run I begin to discover very casually that I can fly. I just can’t fathom why I feel sooooo happy in these dreams.

There have been scarey ones connected to these dreams. As I say, these dreams I somehow know are all connected. These things like aliens appear from no where and they burn circles of fire into the ground. Your only hope for survival is to pretend to be dead. Now I am not a person who even believes in aliens I think its very commercial but this is what I see.

In these dreams I am always running to find a phone to ring my loved ones to warn them of what is comming and the final sorts of dreams are really intense euphoric dreams about these things like people that appear and no one else can see them except for me and they are full of love and very very sensual. They call out like mermaids from the sea to jump in that it is OK.

One more thing I often find myself swimming under water in these dreams and the fish are rather human.

Does anyone out there have this same dream? Crazy as it sounds I know that someone is having the same visions about the lift and the hurricane? Thanks, Marielle

Thanks for submitting this very interesting story to us… I will post this on the site very soon to see what others might say… we are getting a lot of stories like this these days, – none quite like this series, but many speaking of changing times, aliens arriving and powerful visions of water and earth shifts… what I find most interesting is that all of them seem to report the same sensations you describe of being at peace with the changes. Best wishes and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Tidal Waves and Hurricanes Disturb Sleep Regularly…

I have had a number of dreams about tidal waves, in the last few years, none of which at the time were really alarming to me, I felt more of an observer. The first dream I remember was where I was in a village somewhere (Don’t know which country) and there was a large cliff face on which there were a lot of residences leading down to the sea and more houses along the coast. I was at my Aunty’s house talking to her and I saw three large tidal waves come in as I looked at the village below. They washed over everything, boats, ducks in a pond (I remember this specifically) etc.. then when the waves had gone, it was as though they had done no damage at all, but everything was clean and new and sparkling! I asked my aunty if my mum was ok and if our houses were ok and she said “Don’t worry, you live high on the cliff, the water won’t reach you”. The dream ended about there, but I got a fealing of peace after the waves seemed to have “Washed” everything, it was really strange!

The next dream was a bit scary, I was at the place where I work, in a tall building in Melbourne city. I remember looking out the window and this enormous storm was developing, it continued to get worse and worse, then the building started to jump about, as if it was dancing, I remember hiding under a table in another room, then the dream ended.

Another dream I had was similar where I saw a large wave come across a city (it may have been Melbourne) destroying quite a number of buildings. I was in one of the buildings but the water didn’t get high enough to reach me.

The most recent dream I had which really freaked me out, was the night before the recent twisters in the USA. I remember I dreamt about being ouside watching a number of twisters making thir way across a fairly rural landscape, and the weather was quite wild. I was managing to dodge the twisters almost like I was flying around them. the next morning I woke up and saw the twisters on the news, I’m really not sure if it was just co-incidence, but I live on the other side of the world in Melbourne Australia!!

I would like to hear what you think about these dreams that I have been having, i don’t know if they are just because of what you hear and see in the media or whether I am being given some insight. Thanks, Anita

All the Elements in These Strange Dreams Reported by the Global Psychics Team


Danielle, I think it is a personal dream because my parents are distinctly in it. First I was walking on St. Mary St. which is right in front of my building. Water floods the street waist deep. Then it turns to foam and it is over. Then I am in my apartment and I am speaking with my parents and cousin and uncle. My dad looks out the window and yells we need to get down . I quickly look out the window and I see a vicious wind from North to South ripping the roofs off. I hear my dad say get down. I feel some wind really blowing and things moving around. Then it stops. Then I am walking alone on St. Mary Street again and I am walking towards Yonge Street and the sidewalks are hot. I have to walk fast. I see the sewer system and it has hot coals underneath. No fire just hot coals. Then it was over. Maryanna


Basically this seemed centered at a certain point in time. Myself, my family, my co-workers here at Global, my husband, who was right beside me holding my hand, and members of his family were all together in a group. Others that I did not know where there, and more seemed to be coming. We all seemed to be standing in front of a major landmark in Toronto? although I cannot remember which, and we were waiting.

This dream was in colour and it was a beautiful sunny day. I did not get an ominous feeling around this, with regard to my own personal sensors, any dream that I have had prior in black and white and with weather systems around, earthquakes, tornadoes, and storms have always, within a 48 hour period signified a bad omen for someone around me that I know.

The major sensation was of something important, invaluable that we were all collectively aware of and waiting for. Not a lot of apprehension here, but the feeling was that this was BIG.

I awoke after that, so that is all that I can tell you, I was quite energized, felt that this was a very important message of sorts, reason to feel a bit of apprehension but overall that this was a positive life altering change. Love, Lise

Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

Remember, you can remember your dreams and when you do, write them down immediately!

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