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Angels and Spirits in Your Dreams

Angels and Spirits in Your Dreams

Angels, Spirits and Guides often use our Dreamworld to make important connections

A few months ago, I had on two occasions dreams about the appearance of angels from distant part of sky and landing on Earth. I saw that there were some sort of explosion in some stars in the southern sky, and a wind or invisible stream descended from sky on Earth, destroying everything that was not of ‘pure intent’.

They went through all of my body and every bits of thought and were searching to wipe me out or not, and I knew the only way to survive was to remain truthful with GOD…as I did.

This dream was repeated another time and this time, those beings, frightening than before put me through absolute zero to check my truthfulness.

The third time, I was seeing a prolonged fighting in some places and I felt how could there be and end, and all of a sudden I left the home and I looked at the night sky and an aurora like waving pattern of different colors…manifesting something about to happen. Ali

Very powerful experience. My perception on this is like a combination of dreaming and real visitation and a sense of precognition. A personal part appears to relate to you processing your own issues and fears and also I get the feeling that within you, you have always “wanted to know” about the times we live in and what is coming. Hence, I believe your desire was responded to in this way.

It also seems that you have had an experience where you could test your faith and almost like “prove” to yourself that you could pass. And you did. I get the sense you might have had a question about whether you could stay faithful in the face of a test and once again, this seems to indicate that you have passed. So you can trust yourself and your faith to remain in tact in the face of adversity and it seems that you have been given some view or information about the times that we live in and the keys as to how to get through them. Again, this is powerful insight. I hope this helps somewhat. Mary-Anne

I dreamt the other night that my boyfriend of 4 months was telling me the story of an ex girlfriend he had when he was only about 15. The visual component of the dream was like looking at photographs of when he was with her. There was also a second boy in the pictures who I could not identify. He told me that she was the first girl he really loved but she died in a car accident, and he felt awful that he never actually told her he loved her. I forgot about the dream until the following night when he told me for the first time that he loved me, and proceeded to tell me that he’s only really loved one other girl, Petra , but she died. It then came flooding back to me so I asked him if she died in a car accident. Sure enough she did, and he confirmed that he never told her he loved her and always regretted it. All the other details of the dream checked out as well. He said she also had an older brother who died about a year later, who I’m guessing was the other boy in the dream. Surely it can’t all be coincidental. what do you think? Kelly

No, this was no co-incidence… your dream was letting you know what was coming… perhaps his old girlfriend actually came to you in the dream to kind of “pass the wand” so to speak… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Inside a very large mansion or something similar. I am trying to find a way out, I feel uncomfortable, I know I am being watched but I can’t see anyone. I am in no physical danger, I know I am protected by God but I do not like this place. The room I am in is huge with extravagant rich wood walls, red velvet lines the windows that are huge. Rich wood, large windows and red velvet are the prominent items here. Now, I look outside one window and see a beautiful courtyard. Grass as green and beautiful as ever. In the far right corner there is a large (about the size of a tennis court or large pool) Rectangular light bluish area. In each corner is a pillar. Immediately I see 2 women with flowing bluish clothing running toward the area. They looked to be twins but hard to say. One is coming from the east and the other from the south. They are desperate to get to it in time, it’s like they know something is coming. When they arrive they both stop on the border of the area, they do not dare to cross into the area. Then suddenly a huge wind blows from inside the area out, the two girls hold their arms out and stretched all the can to feel the wind. The one on the southern border closest to me goes to far and crosses a little into the area. She turns and looks at me and the left side of her face is disfigured and she is very sad, but not in pain. Now I am walking toward the area and wondering if it’s the way out.

Dream 2 I am walking with a child (perhaps a grand child, my oldest is 15 now) in a wheat or barley field. I have no idea which or what the difference is. I am pointing to the birds telling the child to look at the birds and too watch them come eat the wheat, barley or whatever it is, I do remember they were huge 6′ tall with heads on the ends. However, the birds would not touch them, they were hanging out in the trees but would not come down to eat.

Dream 3 All the palm trees are gone. You could see where they were but they were completely gone. Richard

While there can be a lot of interpretations of this dream, there is certainly a lot of significant imagery here, I feel that one of the key elements for you to consider is that these experiences with your guides, they have been trying to tell you something about the condition of our world… asking you to pay attention to your environment. This says there is also some protection for us, guides – the 6 ft birds, watching out over us, warning us not to eat what has been poisoned… or telling us they will not take our food… do be aware of any problems with crops in your area this year… I have a strong sense that this was about some pestilence that could infect some areas this year…. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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