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Aliens and UFO’s in Your Dreams

Aliens and UFO’s in Your Dreams

Contact is made in our sleep….

A recent dream, probably Oct 1st 2003…it’s the 6th oct today here anyhow, and apart from many dreams some too odd to explain, and some seemingly prophetic, this one needs to be told. It was night-time and I was looking up at semi-clear skies only to view a series of bright lights all perfectly aligned and, moving in patterns. My 1st thought was UFOs’ hundreds of them! I turned to other people around me to make them aware of such atmospheric phenomena but they took no notice. Then the UFOS’ began massive square formations covering the whole night sky, where it seemed no-one could not fail to notice them, but no-one did. The dream ended there but moved onward to a daylight scene where, strangely, I viewed “Rugby” players practicing manouveres very military type manouvres, as if they were preparing for a war, well that was the “feeling” I derived at that time. Then it ended and I awoke conscious and bewildered. John

Interesting… the crop circles are an indication that there is an increasing level of UFO activity around us… certainly lots of folks are predicting a “first contact” very soon… we shall see… Do keep a journal of your dreams… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I just happened to come upon your website and find your communication about the “tower” very interesting considering the tragedy of the World Trade Center attack on 9-11-01. I have always been sensitive to energies of the collective(as I call it). From direct experience and observation, I firmly believe that there are certain groups (large and small) of humanity that are now in greater unconscious and/or telepathic communication. In essence, messages are being transmitted and received in this continual linking process (and I don’t mean email). After many years of research and study on the subject, I have come to the basic conclusion that there are many kinds of so termed “aliens” interacting with humans. And, not all of these off-earth beings have honorable intentions. I have had three very distinct flying saucer dream/dreamstate encounters so far. The first was in Flagstaff , AZ while camping outside. I was technically asleep, but just barely and in my dreamstate eyes I could see clearly a saucer craft hoovering right outside my tent. The message to my inner hearing was, “yes, we exist, here is your confirmation.” I have a very strong personal will and have always been able to psychically protect myself, the saucer just hung in night sky (very close, or so it appeared) almost requesting from me “want to see more of us?” My inner will resisted and declined with a firm “no thanks”, with that, the dream ended and I immediately woke up. I think that caution is necessary in other worlds and certainly on this chaotic earth. The latest dreamstate message I received was about the United States . In this dreamstate (barely just asleep), I was in a large lecture hall with many other Americans and I soon realized that our country had been taken over by another country. This had a chilling/shocking effect on the roomful of people, yet it deeply saddened me. I did not express my usual defiance because I realized instantly “it’s over”, ” America , as we have known it, is over”.

Then I was taken by the arm and forced to sit down and fill out some papers, which I pushed aside until later. After that I was taken by a person/man who looked of Asian descent to the “hall of history”-humanity’s history. I was told to step inside a small cart/carrier that was on a track with other cars-the cars immediately jolted backwards and I began to witness (like huge video wall/mural)all the travails of mankind through the previous ages, why this war or that war really happened-it was a tremendous amount of information, but I ingested all of it very quickly. I was sad but not despondent when the car stopped at the end of the track and another “assistant” took my arm and helped me step out of the car. I did not care for the manner of the assistants, they were rather cold and pushy and I let them know that (typical American!).

After this exercise I was given some rice item and vegetables as my meal, then told again to fill out the papers, I looked at the papers but decided not to fill them out. I remember I was not scared but willing to accept whatever fate had in store for me-then I awake from this dream.

I would chock this dream up to garden-variety paranoia coming from my unconscious, however, the dream was different than the usual flow of dream images-there was a distinct sense of warning in this dream.

Wishing Peace for All, Devina

I would be careful about any papers you have to sign in the next while… times are changing… many are trying to get messages from other dimensions to tell us to mend our ways.. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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