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Dreams are Soul Talk

In your dream world, you connect with your soul, travel to other dimensions, resolve issues, set directions, and so much more…

Why Interpret Your Dreams?

Our dreams are work and play combined…. when we enter the dream world, we create an opening for our spirit – and others – to connect with us. Every element of a dream has meaning, so dreams are worth divining, deserving understanding!

Dreams are the stuff that life is made of….

Dreams are a part of our heritage, the way our souls have spoken to us from the beginning of time. And from the beginning, every culture, every community has harbored a wide range of beliefs and superstitions around dreams.

Dreams are one of the great mysteries of life….

As a species, we have yet to unlock the key to our dream worlds. Despite the fact that so many of us see the value in dreaming and wish to be conscious of our activities in the dream dimensions, most of us still feel that we enter some sort of fantasy land when we sleep. While some believe our dream life is as real as waking life and actively seek ways of controlling what occurs while they sleep, few actually make the connection between what happens in waking life and what occurs in sleep.

In the 90’s both psychologists and parapsychologists gave accepted that our dreams contain the content of our daily lives…. dreams are one of the first ways that psychic ability will manifest.

Learning to remember and to “mine” our dreams is a very useful process. Throughout history, native communities have deliberately traveled to their dream worlds as a group, to resolve issues, or set directions based on what the group has dreamt the future holds….many important scientific discoveries can be rooted in events that occurred in the dream world.

Your Questions about Dreams, and Our Answers

Hi, I e-mailed not long ago about Dreaming and that a while ago I could fly in my dreams, I only could fly when I was very young when I was about 8 years old ever since then I haven’t been able to do it. I am curious, that if we can control our dreams, how can we interpret it? and know the meaning of a dream when we can turn it into anything we want?

Your question is, “If I can control a dream, then how do I interpret it? The answer is that once you exert conscious control within a dream, you are no longer simply dreaming. Carlos Castaneda calls it Dreaming with a capital D. Regular dreaming is a subconscious process, and Dreaming is a conscious process. What you are doing is changing the way you respond in life- taking control. You are also making a statement to your unconscious: “I am in control now. If you are upset about something, I can change things.” How’s that for empowering?!

Now, about interpretation: the material of the dream is still a response to things happening in your life- and the elements of the dream may be symbols for feelings, people, situations in your life which are uncomfortable for you to deal with consciously.

There are many books out there about how to interpret dream symbolism, and I personally prefer doing this individually rather than assuming that the common symbol interpretations you find in books are correct. Usually, if you sit with the elements of a dream and free associate to them (feel into yourself about what or who it reminds you of- what feeling do you have about it, and what in your life does that feeling remind you of?), you will probably interpret your dream pretty accurately in no time. Write it down so that you can look at it and see how the pieces of the dream make sense as you go along with your interpretation. Share it with a close friend and see what it makes them think of, about you.

So, you can also understand consciously what a certain dream is about, and then when you take action within the dream, you are consciously taking action to change your inner response to that aspect of your life. But even if you are acting within an entirely new dream, you will instinctively act within that dream in a way that develops you. It’s a way of exploring different ways of responding to life situations, and to yourself.

It’s a powerful form of play therapy, really. Play therapy works! It helps us to loosen up out of old patterns of response, old ways of looking at ourselves and our lives, and free will takes over, enabling us to use our inner genius and evolve more quickly.

About how long it takes to take control within your dreams: like yoga, meditation, and life in general, there is no “correct” amount of time for mastery. Know that if you practice regularly, you will get it. Reassure yourself if you find yourself judging how long it takes, and just keep doing it. It’s amazing! Hope this helps! Barb Huning

Dear Global Psychics, have you ever layed down, fallen into a “spell” I’d call it, where you are half awake but yet half asleep, you know it, and you dont like it, it feels evil, but the more you try to wake up the harder it gets, and when you finally do your puffed out. My theory is that it’s just another level of consiousness, where bad spirits, or demons can toy with you. Have you heard of this before, if so what is it?

This is not something that an easy answer will completely solve, but I’ll give it a try.

What you are experiencing is called a ‘hypnagogic’ state, where your body is relaxed, but your conscious awareness is still very active and focussed in the body perceptions, as your consciousness prepares to venture forth on its nightly adventures.

There are “no” demons and evil spirits in those terms, as external forces that may toy with people, but peole have many degrees of beliefs and shames and guilt, also referred to as ‘inner demons’, those states of being that people sometimes struggle with in terms of self aware conscience.

You can easily auto-suggest to yourself that you can use the state to project out of your body awareness and explore inner universes and have lots of fun expanding your awareness and perceptions of the greater Reality in its many forms. Cheers, Serge

Do you know if it’s abnormal to be able to read stuff in dreams? I mean, like reading letters or words inside a dream, like out of a book that’s in the dream. D.S.

I wouldn’t say anything is normal or abnormal in dreams because they are so very personal. In general interpretation, images of a book generally speak to being well-read and possibly wise which is an obvious interpretation. It is also suggestive that one should turn more often to the “real world”. The words in a book are often one owns inner wisdom – the “script” if you will for our lives. It is like there is something you may be trying to tell yourself or remind yourself or a sensation that you are detached from an important reality (that would depend on the contents of the words written). Also associated with independence – a person who is creating his or her own life. It speaks to the need to be productive on some level and produce something of value. Communicate and express yourself – everyone has something worthwhile to say. Is this saying you have to speak up more often or more clearly? Do you want to address an issue or give somebody a piece of your mind, openly and honestly? These are some general interpretations for what you have reported. Hope this helps. Mary-Anne

This site explores the phenomena associated with dreaming along with some of the theories around dreaming and it provides you with an opportunity to tell us about a significant dream and Get a Dream Interpreted. So, come on in and check back often, we update these pages regularly.

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