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A Message From Bert

This is the time of year when spirit can get a little restless… and one of the most common ways that spirit will manifest is by appearing in our dreams… but a lot of times, we don’t believe we’ve actually visited with our loved ones, even though these visits will usually stand out as somehow “different” from other dreams we have had… In her new book, We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams, my friend Laurie Conrad offers a number of examples of dream visits and helps us distinguish these dreams from other types of dreams… if you have any interest in dreams, this book is a fascinating read, highly recommended!!

An excerpt from the book We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams by Laurie Conrad

Lucia Musso: The dream about Bert was very brief and business-like, like him. He was a physicist and matter of fact. I like him and his wife a lot. We were good friends and I was very sad about his sudden death. I think that Bert was near the age of forty when he had a heart attack in his front driveway where he had been working on his car. In my dream on meeting with Bert, we were standing talking. As I recall, he was wearing an open-necked sport shirt and slacks. It was a face to face, very brief conversation. He just appeared standing in front of me. I don’t remember that I was dreaming anything before this or after. He looked serious and concerned about his wife, Rachel. The dream was so powerful that I’ve always remembered it. He wanted me to tell Rachel that he was fine. I asked him why he didn’t just tell her himself and he answered that she wouldn’t believe him. He just gave me the message and I woke up. I was closer friends with Rachel than with Bert. That was probably part of my surprise at his appearance in my dreams. Thinking back about it now, I wonder why I didn’t want to ask Bert more questions about what it was like where he was, but in this dream it didn’t occur to me. I simply wanted to do what he asked me.

L.C: I believe this also to be a dream meeting. For one, the dream was over forty years ago and Lucia still remembers their conversation clearly as well as other details, for instance what Bert was wearing. Often in these special dream visits there is no dream before or after the meeting, and our loved ones will give us short and clear messages, either for ourselves or for others. These messages from other realms are ones of love, and sometimes words of guidance or solace.

From the book We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams by Laurie Conrad… says Laurie, “The main thrust of this book is to cherish our true meetings with those we love, and our visits to the Higher Realms – and to not go to the lower realms!! And to distinguish, learn to distinguish our psychological dreams from those visits to or from other realms.”

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