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Mercury Retrograde, June 26 – July 20, 2013

When Mercury, the planet that rules communication  and technology is in retrograde motion (appearing to be going backwards), the  best advice is to slow down and take a second look at your plans and  directions.  This is the time for working on the foundations of your life and  business, as opposed to adding on new “rooms”.  A perfect time for renovations,  a lousy time for deciding to make a significant purchase.

With Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, we could find that this is a rather emotional cycle, a time when we could be thinking of our mothers and wanting to be with our families. This is the time to work on being an objective observer of your feelings, to choose not to react to them until you have had a little time to process… we’ll be feeling a little extra sensitive in this period, more in touch with our deeper feelings, so go gently.

If you have a holiday planned for this period, you’ll want to be extra careful – and patient… Mercury Retrograde can signal delays and even mechanical breakdowns, so be prepared.  This is a time when communications are liable to break down, misunderstandings abound… so double check reservations and plans.

The upside of a Mercury Retrograde is that it supports all kinds of “re” work… this is the right time to revisit plans, to rethink your game plan, to renovate the bathroom or repair the roof. So take advantage of the pause that a Mercury Retrograde invites. Clear the clutter around you, make space for new energy to flow into your life… Relax, release the old worries, take time to breathe and to think about the next steps in your life or business or relationships…

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