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Mercury Retrograde, Jan 11-31

Another Mercury Retrograde, the first of four for 2009. When Mercury, the planet that rules communication and technology is in retrograde motion (appearing to be going backwards, the best advice is to slow down and take a second look at your plans and directions.  This is the time for working on the foundations,  of your life and business, as opposed to adding on new “rooms”.  A perfect time for renovations, a lusy time for decieding to purchase.

Says, Phil, our resident Astrologer about this particular Mercury Retrograde:

Folks into numerology will get a kick out of when this Mercury retrograde cycle officially begins (1/11), at 11:42 AM (EST) on the eleventh day of the new year. (2+0+0+9 = eleven, and isn’t “42” the answer to everything?). While the thought of a Mercury retrograde can cause sheer terror for the fear-filled, especially with a Cancerian Full Moon starting it off, this Mercury retrograde begins at eight degrees Aquarius with the Sabian keynote “The inspiration one may derive from the appearance of Exemplars who present to us the archetypes of a new culture (and) new collective developments.” Keep in mind that “new collective developments” are what the exalted Aquarian mindset is all about and we’ll be way ahead of the game.

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In other words, Mercury (our inner connection to our Life Source the Sun) begins this retrograde cycle with “exemplars” (ideal role models) and “archetypes” (psychological aspects of the Universal mind) emerging to help us form a “new culture” with “new collective developments.” An unevolved mind might be wondering if these whacko’s (exemplars and archetypes) are appearing at this time as agents working for or against their selfish “best” interests, while the evolved mind can begin to realize (making it real) that we humans are truly the crown of creation, also known as the height of human evolution.

Again, the Mercury retrograde cycles of 2008 (the “Year of the Imagination”) occurred wholly within the Air signs, generally meaning they lacked cosmic anchors in making “outside-the-box” ideas reality – not all – but more often than not. In this retrograde cycle, Mercury slides back into officious Capricorn on January 21, providing an Earthy foundation for whatever has been on our altered (retrograde) minds (Mercury). With this Mercury retrograde starting off in creative and unconventional Aquarius, whatever whacky and inventive ideas (Aquarius) we get during the first half of this Mercury retrograde cycle can find practical applications (Capricorn) during the second half, well into February.

Mercury tangles with think-big Jupiter three times during it’s retrograde cycle and beyond (from December 31 to February 24), giving us plenty of time to make big (Jupiter) whacky (retrograde) ideas (Mercury) find practical (Capricorn) solutions. Again, the future belongs to fearless individuals who can make this sort of thing happen – making it real – in whatever way we want “it” to look like.

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