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I love holidays, and the Labor Day week-end is one I especially appreciate. It feels a bit like a New Year in the sense that it marks a new school year, and also a new season, a noticeable shift in energy. As we end the summer, we move our focus indoors, to get serious about our work once again.

The thing is, work isn't relegated to work on the job… we work on relationships, on our homes, as volunteers in our communities, coaching the local baseball team, organizing a family event… it doesn't matter who you are, living requires work for both men and women. I remember the day that I asked my 14 yr-old son to help me carry the laundry downstairs… he tried to flip me off with a "no, that's women's work." My response was "work is work, there's no such thing as women's work.". That was the day Pat learned to operate the washing machine and dryer – he did his own laundry from that day on…

It is through loving to work, through our desire to be productive, to contribute in some way to our own well-being and the well-being of those around us that we learn, grow and expand as individuals – through our work we ultimately connect with our souls.

Our work defines us, not in terms of status and class, but in terms of setting the standards for our lives in general, enabling us to self-actualize, to reach for our dreams. Through our work, we gain skills, knowledge, experience, understanding, and relationships – all assets that we bring into our personal and spiritual lives.

Love opens doors, smooths the flow of other energies,

love stabilizes and centers all in its sphere,
love presents solutions when problems appear.

Ultimately, the energy of Love enables you to express yourself in all of your glory.

What better reasons to love your work, whatever it is?

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