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Excerpts from Annamaria Hemingway’s “Practicing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness”

One of the great benefits of being psychic and a medium, is knowing that consiousness is a continuum – life goes on, and on… Life has purpose, we are here to learn, to love and to grow. As Annamaria points out in her book, living consciously demands an awareness of dying and the afterlife. An understanding of the eternal continuum of consciousness enables us to appreciate every moment that we are living….

“Following my after-death communications with my mother, I became more fully convinced in life after death, and realized how many people are afraid of facing their own and other’s mortality, becuase they believe that it is the end.  Through my experiences, I have learned that fully embracing death does help us to understand the great mysteries of existence: why we are here, why we suffer, and where we go when we die.

 One of the most common forms of after-death communications can be experienced in the dreaming state. This is attributed to the fact that when sleeping, we enter an altered state of consciousness that enables us to become far more receptive to the spirit world, as our everyday fears and defenses reqarding this type of manifestation are bypassed. In many indigenous cultures and ancient world philosophies, the astral body is believed to  separate from the physical being in the dreaming state, resulting in an out of body experience during which it is possible to meet with departed spirits.

After-death communications that occur while in the dreaming state have a remarkable quality, and clearly stand out as being different from the ordinary dream. They have a numinous translucent energy, and are extremely vivid, in both colour and essence. The deceased appears with a vibrant energy, and is frequently shown to be young and in perfect health. Often, the messages they convey assure the individual that they are in direct communication with the spirit of the dead person.  These dreams are so striking that they retain their initial impact and imagery. In this type of after-death communication, it is possible to have a direct conversation with a loved one, and to even exchange a warm embrace. The resulting sense of well-being and inner peace, after experiencing such an  event, affirms the connectedness of all beings and serves as a reminder that life does not cease at the moment of physical death.

In death we must let go of the restrictive concepts of “me and mine” with which most people identify. This includes our physical bodies. Other worldly identities must also be abandoned when dying. But how much better it would be to voluntarily relinquish these ego-based attachments while still alive, so that we can relate more lovingly to those around us, rather than constantly dwelling between joy and misery.

Through the intervention of spirit, we humans can change the world with a message that never changes – the awareness that there is definitely something greater than ourselves; a presence known by many different names, which has the ability and desire to make a powerful difference in our lives.

Many of the world’s problems and injustices are a result of meaningless acts of self-gratification which result in an inability to look beyond the self and reach out to one’s fellow human beings and to all life forms that inhabit and share the planet Earth.  Engagement with death provides a stark reminder of the futility of these actions, by shaking us out of complacency and providing an alternative way of living. Fully engaging with death and dying (either through a Near Death Experience, through caring for the dying, or through after-death communications) heralds the opportunity to draw from the well of the inner being, and find the jewels of love and compassion. Through the acknowledgement of physical death and the dying process, the individual becomes free to live life more fully, and to experience the boundless unconditional love and beauty that constantly surrounds us.

The point I want you to remember is this: you don’t have to be struck by lightning, or have a near-death experience (or an after-death communication with a deceased relative) to open up, change your life, appreciate each other, or to have a special connection with God.

Love is the key that opens the door to everything. Remember, your life-review will be about the love you shared, or didn’t share!

Excerpted from Practicing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness by Annamaria Hemingway. Publisher Publication Date Jan 08. ISBN 9781846940774.

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