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How Big is Your Bubble?

I am amazed at stories of people who must protect themselves from the world. It is as if the world has turned against them – perhaps they suffer from a rare immune disorder or are allergic to the sun… whatever the reason, some people are physically and severely restricted from fully experiencing the world. With today’s technology, most of these folks are able to expand their bubbles to live comfortably in their homes, with their families and friends… thanks to advances in technology, and opportunities to connect through social media, even those who must be isolated in protective environments are able to reach out of their bubbles to connect with the world….. still, the bubble is limiting, it defines a boundary that cannot – or should not – be crossed.

It struck me recently how these stories are really an analogy for the way we live. In truth, many of us live in very small bubbles…..I noticed recently how small my own bubble had become in the past few years, primarily because poor health limited my activities, but also because I am preferring a simpler, quieter life…In my readings though, I often see how folks have chosen – without realizing – a bubble that is too small to accommodate their desires….Goals are nothing more than wishful thinking if we are unable to conquer our fears and move past our limits… fears hold us back from so much expansion and personal growth…. they form the “walls” of the bubble.

We may move around in our bubbles, but spending a week in Paris, a few months in Japan, or taking a holiday at Disneyland, doesn’t necessarily mean our bubble has expanded….It may for a time, but then we fall back into our regular routines, habitually and often unconsciously responding to life based on old beliefs and attitudes. We may be more aware, more welcoming of other cultures, or more knowledgeable about how people live, but unless we adjust our beliefs and stretch our limits…. our bubble remains small….

These days, the idea of living in a small quiet bubble might be very appealing… the world is a terrifying place when you never know who will decide to target whom in a war that is not a war… However, living in a small tight bubble limits our growth and expansion as people and as souls….

Try this exercise to stretch your bubble:

See yourself surrounded in a bubble of pink and green light…. think of something or someone you love very much, see them in the bubble with you…. reach out and touch the edges of the bubble – then see it expanding so you can no longer touch the wall of the bubble…. see it taking in where you are sitting, then see it slowly expand to take in the whole room and then your whole home, then include your workplace, see your friends and family in the bubble with you and then visualize expanding into the environment around your home. Stretch the bubble as far out into your neighborhood as you feel comfortable. Pay attention to how you feel. Push a little past your perceived limits, but don’t push further than you feel free to go… you want to enjoy this sense of expansion,

Do this as often as you can think to and then pay attention to what manifests in your life, notice how your bubble is expanding… naturally, without your having to actively push for change.

The bubble represents the boundaries we have established for ourselves, the limits we impose on our thinking, feeling and doing. Actively visualizing ourselves expanding the bubble serves to help us see our limits in a different way so that we can push against them and move forward…. and on an energetic level, the exercise attracts positive action…. the focus on consciously taking in new ideas and ways of thinking naturally produces new opportunities to grow on every level. So go for it… give yourself a bigger bubble.

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