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How to Cast a Spell – or Not

Over the years I've been approached many times for spells, especially love spells designed to return an old love or to get a new one to pay more attention…. but unless a client is prepared for a generic version, I won't be of much help. In the generic version we might cast a spell to bring "the perfect partner for me now." – without naming any names or directing the flow of energy in any particular direction… trusting that the Universe will know best what you need – and who is available..Spell-casting is not for the faint of heart….. interesting that a large number of spells are cast around matters of the heart… yet these are the most risky.  There is a reason why witches are often depicted with warts on their noses, stringy hair and craggy faces…. when we interfere in anothers' choices, there is a price to be paid… and the price gets to be quite stiff when we mean to harm, or to impede….

Sadly, most people don't even notice that they are casting spells…  

Although I don't often recommend casting a spell because of the risk of overriding another's free will, the fact of the matter is that we are casting spells with every thought, feeling and action, – every minute of every day…. If only we noticed! Our language, attitude, expectations, our beliefs, as well as our hopes and dreams fill the air with magnetic energy that will attract whatever it is we are focused on…. like magic…. good or maybe not so good…. depending on our frame of mind and heart.

The thing is, we don't listen to what we are saying with our words, spoken or silent… if we began to think of our thoughts and feelings as elements of an important and powerful spell, we might be more thoughtful of what we say and the emotions we express….

As I have warned, one of the great risks of spell-casting is that you interfere in another's right of passage… but again, we are doing so unconsciously with every judgment we hold of another…. when we see another as lacking in some way, we see ourselves also as lacking in some ways… and so the universe rewards us with more lack…what's worse is that we send dark energy to those we judge…. and attract it to ourselves.

If we wish to attract positive, life-affirming, upbeat energy into our lives, it is essential that we be mindful of our words and feelings so they are positive, upbeat, loving, and thus have the power to attract what we want.

You can find information on casting spells and some useful rituals through a number of different web sites…. but be careful…. mind your language and avoid any possibility of interfering in another's plans.

The most powerful spells are those we cast without thinking…. they come from our repeated patterns, our core beliefs and attitudes,  positive or negative…. Casting a spell is relatively easy when you find a formula or set of rituals to follow, but, like it or not, the most effective spells are really those that we cast mindlessly…. Words have great power, magical words like abracadabra add power to a spell… but this power is most useful when we acknowledge it and are purposeful in what we say, feel, think and do….

You can create your own spells… think of something you want, for example, you want a specific amount of money to come by the end of the month…. you could simply light a green candle that is sitting on a coin and meditate on what you will do with the extra cash…. perhaps sleep with a coin under your pillow until the money comes through.

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