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MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing – October 2008

The appearance of the New Moon crescent on September 30th signals the beginning of a 10 day / 9 night period celebrated in common by five distinct world cultures. Traditional Cherokees, Jews, Chinese, Hindus and followers of the old Greek Mysteries believe this is the time each year when the world is recreated. This is our time to write a new story.

The Cherokee “Great New Moon” initiates a spiritual renewal and healing that culminates 10 days later in a celebration called Atohuna  or the Friends Made Ceremony. Jews celebrate the 10 High Holy Days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. The intervening days are a time for forgiving old hurts, healing relationships and opening hearts to love.

10 Holy Days, 9 Nights Celebration Recreate Your World – Oct 1-10

The appearance of the lunar crescent on September 30th marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year celebration. Hindus celebrate Navaratri, the Nine Nights Festival, beginning this same evening. Mother Kali is invited into homes to consume the discord of the past year. The ancient Chinese viewed these nine nights as the most important of the year. Reconnection with ancestral power and soul purpose is effected in meditation facing north while focusing attention (actually or imaginatively) on the North Star. The underlying theme of all these traditions is letting go of the past, resolving core issues and aligning with spirit to recreate our world.

New Mercury A New Cycle of Communication – Oct 6 4:53 pm edt / 8:53 pm gmt

On October 6th, Mercury crosses between the Earth and the Sun and a new cycle of Mercury begins. The New Mercury becomes visible in about ten days as a tiny crescent rising before the Sun. All bodes well for new decision making and all new beginnings following Mercury’s solar conjunction.

A New Moon begins a 1 month emotional cycle, a New Mercury initiates a 4 month cycle of creative thinking and communication. Retrograde Mercury is notorious for communication snafusThis is true for the time before Mercury’s solar rendezvous. Afterward communications clear though Mercury remains retrograde for another week and a half. People are generally less able to assimilate new ideas nearing the end of a Mercury cycle. Minds open anew after Mercury aligns with the Sun.

A New Mercury begins a new cycle of creative thinking, communication, invention and commercial interchange. New Mercury also renews our effectiveness in communicating ideals and realizing higher dimensions of reality. We can use new insights now.

Moon Out of Bounds South Renovate Your Inner World – Oct 2-7 (10/2 9:25pm – 10/7 10:45 pm edt)

The Sun’s north-south movement sets the boundaries of the Zodiac from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. The Sun always moves within these boundaries, the Moon moves more freely, like the Queen in chess. 

The Moon moving Out of Bounds South is Moon in the “underworld.” This is a time to go beneath the surface, do research, change habits or renovate our inner life. During this time we experience emotional challenges relating to any area of life where we’ve been blocked or where we are hiding from ourselves. When the moon “rides low” our inner world is illuminated and the unconscious is energized so individual, group and global patterns become revealed and may be reformed. We delve most deeply on Oct 4 when the Moon is maximally Out of Bounds South.

Atohuna/Yom Kippur  Time to Celebrate – Oct 9/10

The Cherokee begin their 4-day Atohuna or “Friends Made Ceremony” when new friends pledge eternal friendship in the presence of Yowa, the Great Spirit of all creation. On this day, Jews celebrate Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Atonement brings at-one-ment. The Hindus complete their Nine Nights celebration, and Kali slays the Demon Bull. Evil is vanquished from the world.

Gate of Inspiration Open to Receive – Oct 12-13  (10/12 7:30 pm – 10/13 7:30 pm edt) 

A Gate of Inspiration opens every 40 days beginning at the Spring Equinox. Prior to a Gate of Inspiration, shadows appear to be dispelled. It is important to let go of all old fears and doubts and become fully present to the spiritual power and promise of the new time. The goal is to be free of tensions in the body that hold encoded, outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply, feel deeply, move freely to clear the way. As the gate is cleared, new light pours in with bright new possibilities, new inspiration, new energy.A Gate of Inspiration opens every 40 days beginning at the Spring Equinox. Prior to a Gate of Inspiration, shadows appear to be dispelled. It is important to let go of all old fears and doubts and become fully present to the spiritual power and promise of the new time. The goal is to be free of tensions in the body that hold encoded, outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply, feel deeply, move freely to clear the way. As the gate is cleared, new light pours in with bright new possibilities, new inspiration, new energy.


Nine maidens alternate with their breaths to keep the fire burning beneath the Cauldron of Inspiration. Thirteen pearls around its rim reveals the cauldron as the Year of thirteen Moons. The Celtic queen Cerridwen stirs her cauldron for a Year and day to brew her magic “greal.” Cerridwen’s cauldron is the forerunner of the holy grail. The nine maidens are the Nine Muses and Nine Gates of Inspiration through the Year. Cerridwen stirring her cauldron is the original witch of Halloween.

Atohuna “Friends Made Full Moon” Open to Mystic Nature – Oct 13-14 (Exact Full Moon Oct 14 at 4:02 pm edt / 8:02 pm gmt)

The Sun in Libra Full Moon brings people together in celebration. The Cherokee call this the Friends Made Moon when new friendships are pledged in the presence of Yowa. Jews have communal gatherings out of doors in celebration of Sukkoth, the “season of joy.” Sukkoth is celebrated in a sukka, a simple square shelter with open roof signifying openness to the Divine. The sukka is blessed by shaking a myrtle branch to the four directions, asking Shekinah to dwell within. The Sukat Shalom is a happy place, a “House of Peace.” Jewish prophecy says when all nations sit under the Sukkat Shalom and when all the people of the world are fed, then will come the Messiah of the House of David. Sukkoth continues for 7 days.

Each Full Moon is an opportunity for revelation and for healing body, mind and soul. Drumming, dancing, meditation, chanting and toning all help open to receive. Energy continues to flow through during the three days following the exact Full Moon. Full Moon revelations filter through in dreams, “chance encounters,” and flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned.

Mercury Direct Communication Time – Oct 15

Mercury is stationary (pauses) then turns direct on Wednesday Oct 28th at 4:06 pm edt. The influence of a planet is greatly augmented  (perhaps ten-fold!) when stationary. The opportunity lasts only a day with speedy Mercury. This is the time to make that important call.

Mercury Prometheus Bringing Fire to Mortals – Oct 16
Mercury rising before the Sun is called “Mercury Prometheus” because Mercury then brings new consciousness, new mental fire to mortals. Mercury rising before the Sun links Mercury with Uranus, the higher octave of the winged messenger. Uranus/Prometheus
symbolizes our individualizing Self freed from bondage in the underworld. Mercury will be in Promethean mode – rising before the Sun, bringing new fire to mortals, through the end of the year.
Mercury was called “the Herme,” god of the way, by the Druids. Mercury rules ley crossing points and town crossroads which are often where leys cross too. These points of natural power come to life when the Moon is full.
Viewing Mercury directly or meditating on the symbol of Mercury quickens Mercurial qualities within. “Mercury … gives the Soul the faculty of expressing and enunciating … represents success through personal aptitude and labor… is the constant companion and counselor of Isis.” – Albert Pike


Moon Out of Bounds North Bringing New Discoveries to Light – Oct 16-20 (10/16 7:33pm  – 10/20 10:17pm edt)

During this time everybody is more open and apt to listen to new ideas. We have more latitude and imagination in all areas of our lives. When the moon goes Out of Bounds North, the Moon and we enter “the higher world” where new ideas are more easily and successfully shared. This time is ideal for important meetings or for social gatherings. It is a time for making announcements, doing promotions and for bringing new discoveries to light. Most magical is Oct 18 when day the Moon is maximally Out of Bounds.

Balsamic Moon Make a Wish – Oct 25-27

The Balsamic Moon is called the Wishing Moon because it is the best time for putting wishes on the air. And it is known as the Witches Moon because this is a time for bringing people to mind who need healing. Needs felt now invoke response from the coming lunar cycle. Feeling invokes healing. Wishes made at the Balsamic Moon come to fulfillment at the Full Moon (Nov 13).

Dark of the Moon Look Within- Oct 27-29 (Exact New Moon Oct 28 at 7:14 pm edt / 11:14 pm gmt)

The “Dark of the Moon” is a 3-day period beginning the day before the New Moon and ending at Sunset a day after when the new crescent is visible. While generally unfavorable for outward activity, these three days are ideal for gaining insight through quiet reflection.

Witches use this time to energetically clear their homes getting it ready for the coming new tide. Each room is cleared by brooming clockwise round attending to each corner where shadows tend to dwell. Brooms of wood and straw conduct chi and generate static electric charges that effectively dispel astral shadows and make clear the way for the new spirit to enter. The dark of the Moon is a time for energy clearing and for going within for inspiration. The New Moon is a cosmic well from which to draw new vital energy and new good luck. All we need to do is slow down, take time off and look within.

Crescent New Moon  New Beginnings – Oct 29 – 31

The New Moon tide energizes whatever it touches so it is good to let go the passings shadows of the old cycle and put forward what we wish to be empowered. Social gatherings and all new initiatives are favored in this time. On the night of the crescent Moon first appears witches have friends over to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle. New energies flowing in bring special blessings to circles of friends.

Moon Out of Bounds South  Explore the Hidden World – Oct 30 – Nov 4 (10/30 5:52 am edt – 11/4 3:27 am est)


On All Hallow’s Eve the Moon is Out of Bounds tangoing closely with the ruddy star Antares and brilliant Venus. Happy Halloween!

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