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There have been so many changes in the Global Psychics team that I thought it was time to remind you of the many awesome guides we have available to help you make the most of life. A lot happening behind the scenes here.  Two people you have become accustomed to calling  are no longer available for phone readings.  Jody recently lost her hearing – we are hoping this is temporary, but in the meantime, she is still available for chat and email readings, and is still getting rave reviews! Lisa’s second computer crashed and since she is getting married this summer, she decided to take a full-time seasonal position outside her home… We are hoping that by Sept. she will have time for readings again.

In the meantime, I have been hiring some very special resources for our team, Kara, Cherie, Dainzie and Sabrina, along with Jen, whom many of you have already discovered to be a very helpful guide… gifted psychics, all! All available for phone, chat and email readings.  You’ll want to get to know them! Call for your reading today, 888-509-9999, they are ready to support you!


See our updated phone schedule.

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 Our Roster 

In addition to the new resources, Global Psychics brings you a highly skilled and well-experienced team of psychic readers, mediums, medical intuitives and animal communicators….  

Deb has become one of our most frequently requested psychics in recent months, and a number of you have also found Robert and Sharon very helpful.  These readers are available for phone work a few hours a week, and also for email and chat readings. But they have another life – Deb as a nurse, Sharon and Robert as entrepreneurs with popular private practices and a store to mind. Most days, the best way to organize a phone reading with one of them is to book an order online or call our service to pay for the reading. Then we can easily arrange an appointment – and all three are also happy to respond to email or chat orders.


Global Psychics has become a true global company in the past year. Kara works from Japan so she is limited to working between 10 and 2 Eastern time, Matt‘s distance healing comes from Rome, Italy, Karen, our Rune reader, works from Ireland, and Mischa who does clairvoyant picture readings, works from Spain. Matt and Kara have set up their systems to be able to manage phone readings, but neither Karen nor Mischa are able to – both are happy to manage email and chat readings.  However, Mischa will be not so accessible over the next few months while she is travelling, but expects to be back to full attention with us by the fall.


Phil, our psychic astrologer provides some of the most detailed and helpful analyses available on the web, however, because of the level of analysis required, he offers email readings only. Victoria has been with Global Psychics since we opened our doors, and her spirit and past life readings just keep getting better and better. But she also works only by email, since she needs time to collect and connect the images and messages that come to her with each reading.


On the other hand, medical intuitives Matt and Owen, must have you on the phone with them while they scan and manipulate your energy. While these two men do similar work, they are very different in their apporaches.  Owen is a Dr. of homeopathy and naturopathy, and a well-known Rolfer. He is gifted in assessing your physiological issues and the related emotional roots. He has been a healing arts practitioner all of his adult life, perhaps one of the most spirtual men I have known, and certainly gifted in helping people overcome health challenges. I call Matt when the arthritis pain becomes overwhelming, or when I sense some energetic blocks around my home or the business. He has a particular ability to move energy, to ease pain and to see and transform negative energy.


Two other very special people on our team are Anatara and Jody who offer useful messages from the angels. Anatara also offers very interesting Inner Child Readings. Her angelic messages are not only warm and loving, but also quite detailed and inspiring. Anatara is happy to respond over the phone, but Jody is restricted to working by email or in the chat room for now. She is able to tune into both the angelic realms and to spirits on the other side and has helped a lot of our clients with important messages from their loved ones.


Although several of our psychics can communicate with the animals in your life, Laura Simpson, with our team almost from the beginning, is a world-renowned animal communicator who gives your animals a voice. And because she is so knowledgable about different species and breeds, as well as their physiology, she is not only able to hear what your pet has to say, but is able to offer excellent suggestions for dealing with dietary, health or behavioural issues that might come up.

The Global team is supported by another very important team that many of you have come to know in recent months. We have been able to expand our live services and the Global Psychics team, thanks to who are now very much a part of the family. When you call our toll free service between 9 and 9 Eastern time, you will be speaking with Trish, Mary, or Lorna, and occasionally Ron..

Global Psychics – we’re all about Personal Service!

The service had made it possible for us to provide a level of personal service not found with most other psychic sites. We set up a system that is good for both clients and psychics – your reading will never be cut off in mid-sentence because you’ve run out of time. I shopped for some years to find a service that would offer more than simply call routing and reporting. The team at appointment-link took the time to get to know us – and you – so they can answer your questions and get your calls to the right person. And once you’re connected with one of the Global Psychics team, you can be ssured that you will get all the answers you need.


see our current roster here

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    As is commonly known in Metaphysical circles, all future events are governed by 3 principals: Fate, Karma and Free Will.

    Fate is something that is more or less set in stone. It is not negotiable. Fate is what many religious people would refer to as “God’s Will” since they perceive God’s will to be separate from their own. They often fail to see that they are extensions of the Divine – manifestations of the God within.

    For a Psychic, Fate is the easiest thing for us to read. However, when hired to perform metaphysical services, Fate is unbendable.

    Karma is a whole other matter entirely. Karma, contraray to recent popular belief, has little or nothing to do with morality. Rather, Karma is simply the Universal Law of cause and effect. Whatsoever you project into the Universe will be reflected right back at you.

    Because the life of a Soul extends beyond the continuous cycle of physical birth and death, actions and their subsequent consequences follow you from one lifetime to the next. From a Psychic’s point of view, Karma is a often a pattern – and a rather predictable one at that. A good Psychic Advisor will understand Karmic patterns and will be able to help you to change these cycles to your advantage.

    It cannot be overemphasized the importance of achieving and maintaining good Karma for leading a happy, healthy and productive life. Your Karma is like your engine – keep it clean and keep it running strong.

    Bad Karma is one of the worst curses a being can endure. If you find that this is your problem, I would urge you to address it now before the cycle gets worse.
    Karma is a powerful force in the trajectory of your life. Getting your Karma right is of the upmost importance in changing negative patterns and living a healthy spiritual life filled with the abundance of all that is good, positive and fulfilling.
    So I’ve briefly covered Fate and Karma, but what about Free Will?

    Free Will:

    There are essentially two types of consciousness – Individual and Collective. The Collective is greater than the sum of all Indivial Consciousnesses. The Individual consciousness emmanates from the Collective. It is supported by the Collective, but it also informs the Collective.

    What does this mean? In other words, your own state of mind affects the world around you. You have a huge amount of influence.

    Although recent phenomenon in pop culture such as “The Secret” tends to exagerrate, over-simplify and become fixated on greed as the meaning of life – the main thrust, the underlying fundamental idea is actually correct. The Law of Attraction. The power of the mind, i.e. “Free Will” is so much greater than most people will ever know.

    Your thoughts not only affect how you perceive reality, but how you actually create reality. Life is subject to certain factors which are outside of your control. There are Laws to the Universe. There are ways that the planet seems to be structured which are often inalterable.

    But even so, the power of your mind is so potent that, in spite of so many factors and forces of opposition, you truly are The Master of Your Own Destiny.

    Jeremiah – Psychic Advisor

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