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The Magical World of Tarot Decks

The Magical World of Tarot Decks

Almost every culture and country in the world has developed their verion of the Tarot. Many of the the most recent decks are based on the Rider-Waite deck, but others like the Native American deck integrate the symbols and archetypes familiar to that cultural group.
Here is a terrific selection of Tarot decks to choose from. Whether you’re looking for working cards, playing cards, or simply to add to your collection of Tarot decks, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest on these pages.
For help on reading the cards, check out our great selection of Books About the Tarot and also Packaged Tarot Sets that contain both books and cards.


The Crowley Tarot: The Handbook to the Cards

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck (Cards)
The magnificent Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck contains the kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowley’s The Book Of Throth.

Albano-Waite Tarot Deck 1996, A. E. Waite

Angel Oracle 1997, Sulamith Wulfing
This deck of cards consists of forty of Sulamith Wulfing’s mystical/spiritual paintings. She has to be the greatest artist of this genre in the 20th Century. So it is wonderful to have a collection of her paintings in a handy format for carrying around. Many of the paintings have traditional images of angels with wings, but on sixteen of the cards the images are more generally spiritual than angelic. Yet the spiritual nature of her work allows almost all her paintings to be interpreted as angelic whether the spirits or beings have wings or not.

On the back of each card is a short statement chosen by the editor as a meditation to use with the card. Some of these are obviously taken from other sources. These cards can do the same for you that Sulamith’s Angels did for her. You will love these paintings.

The Buckland Gypsies’ Domino Divination Deck/Domino Cards 1995, Raymond Buckland

Connolly Tarot Deck/78 Cards and Booklet 1991, Eileen Connolly

Cupid Cards: The Orade of Love 1996, Monte Farber, Amy Zerner

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards 1997, Monte Farber, Amy Zerner

The Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl
Haindl draws upon his knowledge of ancient cultures and his experience living with Native Americans to create a deck that is colorful and penetrating study in humility and reverence for nature.

The Housewives Tarot : A Domestic Divination Kit with Deck and Instruction Book by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum , Paul Kepple
“The Major Arcana represents the various figures of inspiration and influence encountered by our hero, the housewife, on her long and perplexing journey…”

Minature Rider Waite Tarot Deck 1988, Arthur Edward Waite, Arthue Edward Waite
This is the deck Danielle works with most often…

Osho Zen Tarot : The Transcendental Game Of Zen by Ma Deva Padma (Illustrator), Osho
“A FOOL IS ONE who goes on trusting; a fool is one who goes on trusting against all his experience…”

The Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot Deck 1996, Stuart R. Kaplan

Russell Grant’s Astro-Tarot Pack 1995, Russell Grant

Tarot of the Southwest Sacred Tribes Deck : Tribes of Earth – The Magician 1996, Violeta Monreal

Voyager Tarot Kit: Intuition Cards for the 21st Century (Cards) by James Wanless
“Voyager Tarot is a vehicle for a journey into your inner universe, a symbolic pathway to a full realization of all your abilities and potentials…”

World Spirit Tarot by Lauren O’Leary
A colorful alternative to traditional tarot images, The World Spirit Tarot features a multicultural array of characters. Instead of the traditional King, Queen, Knight and Page, the court cards are represented by the Seer, Seeker, Sibyl, and Sage. Another innovative twist is the deck’s text: instead of “reversed” and “upright” meanings, it describes the “shadow” and “gift” of each card. Bearing imagery not unlike woodcuts painted with vibrant, rich colors, the unique artwork is actually hand-colored linoleum block prints-giving a stylized, otherworld quality to this exotic deck. New ISBN New size New box cover design Includes a deck bag

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