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Spirituality, Spirit Life, Angels, Guides, Past Lives and Reincarnation

Spirituality, Spirit Life, Angels, Guides, Past Lives and Reincarnation

Angels in the Army of God (Spirit Guides) by Norma Kalina
This is an excellent book for all of us that truly believe in guardian angels, or spirit guides. It is heartwarming and sincere, truly believable. I loved it!

Angels Companions in Magick by Silver Ravenwolf
By picking up this book, you’ve already listened to the words of an angel…” I’ve seen a lot of books on this popular topic, but this is the first I’ve encountered that transcends the religious boundaries we’ve imposed on angels, and views them as luminous beings who are eager to help anyone who asks. A sense of peace came over me while I read this book, and several times I caught myself saying, “Yes! That’s right!”

Angelspeake: How to Talk With Your Angels: A Guide 1995 Barbara Mark, Trudy Griswold
The act of writing to our angels means that we can take the initiative and actively ask for help, for understanding, for love.

Born Again & Again: How Reincarnation Occurs and What It Means to You 1996 John Van Auken

Care of the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life 1994, Thomas Moore

Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child 1997 Carol Bowman
Maybe more children relive their former lives than we think. Carol Bowman gives us a guide for recognizing and handling such episodes.

Delog: Journey to Realms Beyond Death 1995 Delog Dawa Drolma, Richard Barron (Translator)

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton
Past life regressions are fascinating to consider, but have you ever wondered what happens between lives? In Destiny of Souls hypnotherapist Michael Newton asks dozens of his own patients to describe their lives from the moment of death right up until reincarnation into this world. Newton assures readers that they will reconnect with those who have gone before them, even their pets. He answers the full range of questions one could ever think to ask about life after death: How can a soul be in heaven and reincarnate at the same time? How are new souls created? How are souls who’ve done evil on earth punished? These and many other questions are answered with surprising congruity between respondents.

Discover Your Past Lives 1996 Cassandra Eason

Edgar Cayce You Can Remember Your Past Lives 1996 Robert C. Smith, Charles Thomas Cayce

Eye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives 1990 Barbara Hand, Clow

Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD) by Wayne W. Dyer
Why meditate? Anyone reading this book has at one time or another considered this question and come up with all sorts of answers…”

Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love by Brian L. Weiss
The author, a psychiatrist and expert in psychopharmacology, was moved to learn more about reincarnation after patients under hypnosis described detailed, verifiable memories of past-life experiences. Meditation and work with mediums then brought him in contact with “master spirits,” who helped him develop a psychoanalytic method grounded in spirituality. The spirits’ messages, which Weiss first presented in Many Lives, Many Masters, appear here in condensed form and elucidate themes such as karma, obstacles to happiness and joy, the reunion of soul mates and love’s capacity to connect souls across all dimensions. The author employs case studies, some involving celebrities like singer Gloria Estefan and bestselling author and medium James Van Praagh, to explain past-life regressions, near-death experiences and communication with deceased loved ones.

Past Lives, Present Dreams: How to Use Reincarnation for Personal Growth by Denise Linn

We Are Not Forgotten: George Anderson’s Messages of Love and Hope from the Other Side 1994 Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski

We Don’t Die: George Anderson’s Conversations With the Other Side 1989 Joel Martin

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