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Spirit in Nature and Animals

Spirit in Nature and Animals

Have you talked with a tree lately? It’s a lot easier than you think. When you’re open, clear minded and speaking from the heart, communing with nature and with animals is a simple matter of “being in the oneness”. Here is a fascinating collection of books to inspire you.


Animal Speak (The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small) by Ted Andrews
This book is in our reference library and is pulled off the shelf frequently… an excellent resource! It includes a comprehensive dictionary of animal, bird and reptilian symbolism.

Animal Voices by Dawn Baumann Brunke

Awakening to Animal Voices by Dawn Baumann Brunke
Teaches teens how to connect with animals and the world at large in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Becoming Human: Evolution and Human Uniqueness 1998 Ian Tattersall
How and why humans developed tricks like bipedal locomotion and spoken language.

A Brief History of Time : From the Big Bang to Black Holes 1990 Stephen W. Hawking
Was there a beginning of time? Will there be an end? Where did the universe come from, and where is it going?

Comets: Creators and Destroyers 1998 David H. Levy
A codiscoverer of comet Shoemaker- Levy describes the facts and legends surrounding these astronomical visitors.

Communicating With Animals: the Spiritual Connection between People and Animals 1997 Art Myers

Darwin’s Dreampond: Drama in Lake Victoria 1998 Tijs Goldschmidt
Africa’s Lake Victoria, where fish of the genus Haplochromis have differentiated into new species.

Dinosaur Lives 1998 John Horner
Paleontologist John Horner reveals the dusty but exciting world of dino digging.

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine 1998 Michael T. Murray, Joseph E. Pizzorno
This well-organized book covers everything from herbs and vitamins to home remedies for common ailments.

The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity 1998 Roy Porter
History of medicine, from traditional Chinese healing methods to the Black Plague to psychiatry.

Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever 1998 Hal Hellman
10 scientific conflagrations, from the 17th to the 20th century and how these great arguments may have affected our lives.

Heal Your Dog The Natural Way by Richard Allport
Natural health care alternatives for your beloved dog.

Homeopathic First Aid for Animals (Tales and Techniques from a Country Practitioner) by Kaetheryn Walker
This book focuses on pets, horses, barnyard animals, birds and reptiles. Includes practical, clinical instruction for each condition.

Is Your Pet Psychic? by Richard Webster

Your Psychic Pet by Richard Webster

The Man Who Listens to Horses 1997 Monty Roberts, Lawrence Scanlan (Introduction)
Not only about communication between man and animal, but, because he now applies his amazing skills in corporations, about communications in the workplace as well.

The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist 1998 Richard P. Feynman
A series of three “lost” lectures by the brilliant Feynman, on science and religion, uncertainty, and the age of science.

The Mysterious, Magickal Cat 1998 D. J. Conway
A playful romp through feline facts and cat tales with a dash of whisker magick.

The Nature of Things: The Secret Life of Inanimate Objects 1992 Lyall Watson

Power 1998 Linda Hogan
A 16-year-old Native American girl inadvertently witnesses the hunting and killing of her clan’s sacred animal, the
Florida panther.

Psychic Pets & Spirit Animals: True Stories from the Files of Fate Magazine (Fate Presents) 1996 Fate Magazine Editor

Psychic Pets; The Secret Life of Animals 1996 Joseph Wylder

Rattler: A Natural History of Rattle-snakes 1998 Chris Mattison
Overview of the 30 known rattlesnake species.

Roger Tabor’s Cat Behavior : A Complete Guide to Understanding How Your Cat Works 1998 Roger Tabor

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird
Exploring the world of plants and its relation to humans as revealed by the latest discoveries of scientists, this book includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and as ecological sentinels. It describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their response to music, their curative powers and their ability to communicate with humans.

The Secret Life Of Nature, Living in Harmony with the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks by Peter Tompkins

Secrets from the Lives of Trees 1994 Jeffrey Goelitz

A Short History of Planet Earth : Mountains, Mammals, Fire and Ice (Wiley Popular Series) 1998 J. D. MacDougall
Broad-brush overview of four-and-a-half billion years of geology and evolution.

Silent Thunder : In the Presence of Elephants 1998 Katharine Payne, Katy Payne
Payne’s moving book examines the zoological and sociological significance of elephant communication.

The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants by Laurie Conrad, Diana Souza

The Universe Below : Discovering the Secrets of the Deep Sea 1998 William J. Broad, Dimitry Schidlovsky (Illustrator)
Adventurous expedition into the last place on Earth to be explored: the deep sea. This is a book with depth.

The Whole Shebang : A State-Of-The-Universe(s) Report 1998 Timothy Ferris
This comprehensive guide to everything from cosmic evolution to quantum weirdness will answer all your questions about black-hole thermodynamics, the shape of space, and the ambiguities of cosmology.

Wildflowers 1998 Susan Hood
The National Audubon Society’s First Field Guides–on insects, rocks and minerals, wildflowers, and birds–are a great way to introduce young scientists to the wonders of the natural world.

The World Watch Reader on Global Environmental Issues 1998 Ed Ayres (Editor), Lester R. Brown
Energy production, climate disruption, oceanic and freshwater ecosystem health, and social instabilities such as resurgent diseases and rising refugee flows.

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