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Psychic and Spiritual Development

Psychic and Spiritual Development

Global Psychics promotes the philosophy that being psychic is as natural as breathing – and that we can actually improve our I.Q scores by allowing our ‘natural intelligence’ to surface. We believe that it is as important to be physically and financially healthy and emotionally satisfied as it is to be learned in the fields of parapsychology and metaphysics. For us, then, every book on our book shelves is really about personal power, spiritual or psychic development.
This page lists an eclectic collection of books that specifically relate to developing our personal power through accessing our natural intuitive intelligence. Valuable reading here!
If you are interested in accessing your natural intelligence – your intuition and inner knowing abilities, you’ll also want to check out the many other sections of our book shelves for books on the tarot and crystals, numerology, and channeling – and also the Healing and Whole Health section for valuable insights on how to use your personal power to heal your life.


Adventures of a Psychic (The Fascinating and Inspiring True-Life Story of one of America’s Most Successful Clarivoyants) by Sylvia Browne and Antoinette May

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical 1996, Rose Rosetree

The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure 1994, James Redfield
An Adventure in Nine Amazingly Useful Insights.

The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide 1994, James Redfield, Carol Adrienne

The Corporate Mystic; a Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground Gay Hendricks Ph.D., Kate Ludeman, Ph.D.

Crystal Ball Gazing : The Complete Guide to Choosing and Reading Your Crystal Ball 1989, Uma Silbey

Develop Your Psychic Skills 1997 Enid Hoffman

Dreams: Language of the Soul, Audio csst Edition 1997 Marion Woodman

Dreams: Your Magic Mirror: With Interpretations of Edgar Cayce 1995, Elsie Sechrist, Edgar Cayce

Esp for Kids : How to Develop Your Child’s Psychic Ability 1993, Tag Powell, Carol Howell Mills

Everyday Magic : Spells & Rituals for Modern Living 1998, Dorothy Morrison
Dorothy Morrison has the daring point of view that magic is not just compatible with technology–the two can actually help one another.

The Force 1995, Stuart Wilde
How to contact the power and force within one’s self and then to use it creatively for self fulfillment. There seems to be a convincing formula that can support this action.

The Gift of Fear: Listening to the Intuition That Protects Us From Violence 1994, Gavin De Becker
Fear is a useful trigger – make it work for you.

Gypsy Witchcraft & Magic 1998, Raymond Buckland
Buckland dispels some of the contemporary misinformation and revitalizes the romance of the past that, despite societal pressures and constraints, still can be found in Romany culture today.

How to Develop and Use Psychometry (Llewellyn’s How to Series) 1994, Ted Andrews

How to Improve Your Psychic Power: A Practical Guide for Developing Your Natural Clairvoyant Abilities 1995, Carl Rider

The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna

The Lost Books of Merlyn : Druid Magic from the Age of Arthur 1998, Douglas Monroe (Editor)
Part adventure tale and part grimoire, “The Lost Books of Merlyn” remains true to the Druids’ method of wrapping important knowledge in a story.

Magick for Beginners : The Power to Change Your World 1998, J. H. Brennan
He focuses mainly on the methods of the Golden Dawn (the most well known contemporary magical organization), but he also incorporates elements from sources such as the “I Ching” and practices such as dowsing.

Magical Fabric Art : Spellwork and Wishcraft Through Patchwork Quilting and Sewing 1998, Sandra McCraw Scarpa
These simple handcrafts can elicit powerful feelings of protection and memories of love, and the magic within them is undeniable.

Magical Passes, The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico By Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998)

The Magical Pantheon 1998, Chic Cicero (Editor), Sandra Tabatha Cicero (Editor)
Calling on the gods and goddesses of ancient times is part and parcel of most Western magical traditions, but just who are these figures of power?

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

Mega Brain Power: Transform Your Life With Mind Machines and Brain Nutrients 1994, Michael Hutchison

Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing 1997, Joe McMoneagle
You can see anywhere…

Miracles 1995, Stuart Wilde
Instead of hoping that dreams can happen, Stuart Wilde tells and shows us how to make things happen, make dreams come true. Pretty simple and logical. One book that everyone should read! It works! Create your own miracles. Highly recommended.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time 1992, Peter Moon, Preston B. Nichols

The Naked Face: The Essential Guide to Reading Faces 1994, Lailan Young, Rod Waters (Illustrator)
Discover the story in your face…

Natural Magic 1985, Doreen Valiente
A classic and must on every witches’ book shelf!

Northern Mysteries & Magick : Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers 1998, Freya Aswynn
In the global scheme of mystery traditions, cultures from most countries have their own current mythos, yet northern shamanism conspicuously lacks representation in contemporary spiritual practice. “Northern Mysteries and Magick” fills this gap.

Opening Up to Your Psychic Self by Petey Stevens
Opening Up To Your Psychic self takes you on a journey through your own soul’s inner language. You will learn to translate and understand certain universal basics of the language, such as the ‘energy body’, which forms the framework upon which all psychic work is based. You will also regress to the origin of some of your limited programming to release emotional feelings that may have kept you from seeing and being yourself more clearly. Most of the work in this book is done to quiet the mind which leads you to insights about yourself and those around you.

Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life: Tools to Connect by Tiffany Snow
“Step-by-step learn how to tap into the Divine Connection and your own natural-born intuitive abilities…amazing book…Enhance your self…”

Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica Ot Plain and Honest Directions on How to Make the Stone 1998, Albertus (Editor), Albertus Von Eins Bis Zehn (Editor), Frater Albertus

Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help 1994, Marion Weinstein
Another must on every witches’ book shelf!

The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Use Synchronicity to Transform Your Life (Earth) 1997, Charlene Belitz, Meg Lundstrom
Go with the Flow!

The Prophet’s Way: Touching the Power of Life 1997, Thom Hartmann

Practical Intuition For Success ™ A Step-by-Step Program to Increase Your Wealth Today. By Laura Day

Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You, Cssts Edition 1996, Laura Day

Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Releasing and Developing Your Psychic Abilities 1996, William Hewitt
Get with the power!

Psychic Counselor’s Handbook : Ethics, Tools, and Techniques by Ralph D. Jordan

Psychic Gifts In The Christian Life: Tools To Connect by Tiffany Snow, D.D.

The Psychic Development Workbook : How to Awaken & Use Your Esp 1997, Rodney Davies

The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul by Sonia Choquette

Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators & Parasites by Joe H. Slate

The Psychic Workbook Kit by Craig Hamilton-Parker
One of our most frequently recommended books, excellent for anyone interested in connecting with spirits, being a medium.

The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy: Sacred Poems from Many Cultures 1997, Robert Bly (Editor)

Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Soul Life Series, 1) 1993, Orin, Sanaya Roman

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Book Iii) 1992, Sonaya Roman
Another Classic.

The Teachings of Don Juan : A Yaqui Way of Knowledge 1998, Carlos Castaneda
The academic character of “The Teachings of Don Juan” is evident in Castaneda’s in-depth analysis (and sometimes overanalysis) of his experiences with Don Juan, and readers who lack an interest in anthropological analysis may find this section a bit tedious.

The Tenth Insight : Holding the Vision : Further Adventures of the Celestine Prophecy 1996, James Redfield

Test Your Psychic Powers 1997, Susan Blackmore, Adam Hart-Davis
Learn to validate your psychic impressions.

There Are No Accidents : Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives 1997, Robert H. Hopcke

Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul: Meditations for Souls in Process 1994, Gary Seat of the Soul Zukav, Gary Zakav

The Tibetan Oracle, Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Guidance Translated and edited by Roger Housden and Stephen Hodge

Traveling With Power: The Exploration and Development of Perception 1992, Ken Eagle Feather, Ken Eagle Feather

THE TWO SAMS: Ghost Stories (Carroll & Graf, October 2003)

Unleash Your Psychic Powers 1997 Bruce, Dr. Goldberg

The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives 1996, Ray Grasse

Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth As a Spiritual Tool 1995, Lauren Artress

Way of the Peaceful Warrior 1985, Dan Millman
How a world-class athlete visits the spirit realm and learns to be a peaceful warrior.

The Western Mysteries: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World : The Key of It All, Book II (Key of It All) by David Allen Hulse

Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey : Pagan Folkways from the Burning Times 1988, Kenneth Johnson
The 20th century has seen an astounding revival of European pagan beliefs such as witchcraft, but could these pre-Christian traditions have roots in an even older heritage, one common to people in lands as far apart as Iceland and South America?

You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method 1985, Pete A. Sanders Jr.
Written by an MIT-trained scientist, this easy-to-use guide can help anyone unlock his hidden psychic powers.

Your Sixth Sense: Activating Your Psychic Potential 1997, Belleruth Naparstek

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