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Books by Ruth Montgomery

Books by Ruth Montgomery

Ruth Montgomery is prolific writer and well-known channel for the famous psychic Arthur Ford and many others. She brings messages from “the World Beyond”, was among the first to introduce us to the concept of walk-ins and to explore the idea that there were ‘aliens among us’.
In recent years she has used her background and understanding of aliens and UFO’s to write some interesting adventure and mystery novels…. Fiction? Maybe… You can decide.


Aliens Among Us 1993

Born to Heal 1993

Castle of Darkness (Choose Your Own Nightmare Series No. 4) 1993

Companions Along the Way 1991

Choose Your Own Adventure #122: Magic Master 1995

Death in the Dorm (Choose Your Own Adventure No. 171) 1996

Here and Hereafter 1993

It Happened at Camp Pine Tree (Choose Your Own Nightmare, No 10), Volume 10, 1996

Killer Virus (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 177) 1997

Motocross Mania (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 139) 1993

Possessed! (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 161) 1993

Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age Reissue 1991

Project Ufo (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 143) 1994

A Search for the Truth 1992

Strangers Among Us 1992

Threshold to Tomorrow 1992

World Before 1990

A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave 1989

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