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Books and Tapes by Louise L. Hay

Books and Tapes by Louise L. Hay

For the past two decades, Louise L Hay has been teaching us that we can heal our lives by understanding what is at the root of our illness. She correlates specific physical symptoms and diseases with their spiritual and emotional root causes and explains how meditation and balanced living can help us recover our natural good health. Useful stuff here!


101 Power Thoughts, 1994

Heal Your Body Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them/102A
How to get the mind in attunement with the body – and get well.

Cal 98 I Can Do It: 365 Daily Affirmations 1997

Colors & Numbers 1998
The colors around you can make you feel better – or worse.

Gratitude: A Way of Life 1996

Life! Reflections on Your Journey 1996

The Power Is Within You/136t The Power Is Within You/136t 1992
You’re more powerful than you want to believe.

You Can Heal Your Life/101 1987
A reference manual in our practice.

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