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A Special Book: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

A Special Book

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book)

We are more powerful than we imagine!

Published 1995, Seth, Robert F. Butts (Illustrator), Jane Roberts

In the Nature of Personal Reality, Seth explains the dynamics of energy, and how each event in our lives is created by us – and with purpose. In the Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Seth takes this discussion a step further by defining how as individuals, we co-create our universe and actively participate in creating life-changing mass events – for a multitude of purposes. This book explains how our individual thoughts and feelings contribute to mass events such as floods and earthquakes, plagues and pestilences – and the lives and deaths of our public icons like Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.

Seth tells us:

Your world and everything in it exists first in the imagination.

You usually think, for example, that your feelings about a given event are primarily reactions to the event itself. It seldom occurs to you that the feelings themselves might be primary, and that the particular event was somehow a response to your emotions, rather than the other way around. The all-important matter of your focus is largely responsible for your interpretation of any events.

As we approach the next millennium, some are certain that it is all over down here on planet earth, some are in wait of a golden age, others search for mass landings of UFO’s and a third world war, while still others live in dread of massive earth changes, polar shifts and environmental disasters. According to Seth, all these events are created by us and with purpose – to reflect our thoughts and feelings back to us so we can see and learn from them…. so we can grow and evolve spiritually. Seth also teaches us that we can prevent the mass events that threaten disaster… that we can avoid being blown off the planet. Our “salvation” from whatever disasters might befall us lies within us – in our thoughts and feelings. When we learn the lessons that each of these events contains, and change how we think and feel, when we face our fears and move away from our anger, frustration and resentments, when we become the fully loving beings that we are capable of being, there will be no need for pain, sorrow and loss.

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events is timely reading for all of us right now. To avoid this time of apparent global crisis, when so many are feeling disempowered by their life’s circumstances, Seth reminds us that we have chosen our reality – and with purpose. The challenge now is to “get the lessons” in each event, understand its purpose, and then respond with those all-powerful and all-pervasive loving thoughts, feelings and actions.

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