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Our Mentoring and Coaching Services

We have powerful guides available to light the path for you. Work with the  advisor of your choice in our chat room, by phone or by email to answer your  questions and get direction… you choose the area you want help with, eg,  connecting with spirit guides, or working with the Tarot or Runes, and then the advisor  you prefer to work with.

In addition to the specialized services we have listed below, our gifted advisors will guide you in learning how to:

  • develop your psychic abilities or work with a psychic child or with a  particular psychic tool like the Tarot, or the Runes or Crystals
  • connect with the angels and spirits around you, or to interpret messages  you receive from spirit
  • attract more of what you want in life, work with the Law of Attraction

Our Mentoring and Coaching Services:

Specialized Consulting and Mentoring Services

Developing your own intuition/psychics/mediumship abilities, following a spiritual path:

Life Path, Life Coaching

Relationship Advice:

Health and Wellness:

Coping with addictions:

Breakthrough Packages...

Business Consulting:


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