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Global Psychics Danielle - Expert Psychic Reader

Danielle, Owner

“Being psychic is about living with soul as much as it about seeing and feeling things.”

In my work as a psychic I am often called to help clients through difficult transitons, break-ups, bankruptices, frightening losses… it has been my great privilege to be able to stand beside these clients, sometmes even to hold them up for a little while, but then to see them recover, to find joy and satisfication in thier lives as they are, getting better and better every day, in every way….

As a psychic guide, I am able to shed a little light on your path, to help you see where you’re going and how you can get where you want. I am happy to share my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, and my skill with the Tarot, developing psychic ability, connecting with spirit, chanelling, and reading and understanding signs and symbols.

Watch for programs on the Tarot and the Art of Noticing, coming very soon. See full bio.

The Global Psychics Team, Our Expert Guides

Global Psychics Anatara - Expert Psychic Reader - Get Angel Readings


“A new opportunity exists, to instead pay attention to the clear and free thoughts that our Intuition can guide us to.”

Anatara as guide: With her innate intuitive abilities strengthened by formal training in a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities, Anatara brings an eclectic array of tools to a counseling session. Using that well equipped inner storeroom, Anatara is able to instinctively tap in to the best practice or set of practices that will assist an individual client to find their own knowledge and original essence. Anatara offers two very special teleclass programs , the first, Dolphins and Evolution Through Intuition and the second,  Using Intuition in This Dynamic and Passionate Time of Change.   See full bio.

Global Psychics Cherie - Best Psychic Medium and Tarot - Pre-Birth Planning Readings


“I feel inspired to inspire others, assist in healing, and opening others to their path and potential. Once you’ve reached a certain level of awareness there’s no turning back. It’s truly a joy to be in service through my psychic work, music, songwriting and other creative efforts. “

Cherie, Guide and Mentor: has 20 years experience as a psychic, a teacher and an ordained priestess. She is available for one on one mentoring to set you on the path of a Celtic/Wiccan practitioner and guide you as you explore ancient traditions and practices that will enhance your life, reclaim lost power and find your true potential. Cherie is offering tele-classes to help you to become more in touch with your own magic, your own psychic awareness as well as learn the ways of the Celtic and Wiccan tradition. Her upcoming class series; Practical Magic will take you through a six month course that will assist you on your spiritual path.   See full bio.


Brandi Jasmine


My book/eBook “Living With Your Psychic Gifts” was written to help you develop psychic protection and self-defense techniques.

Brandi Jasmine, Consultant and Coach: Brandi is an astrologer, intuitive consultant, writer, artist, social media and public relations consultant based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. She has a range of experience in a  wide variety of business and creative sectors. She was the Featured Artist: 2003 American Media Zodiac Calendars and was nominated in the19th Annual Canadian Magazine Awards, for “Needle in a Haystack”, Home Computing & Entertainment Magazine. She offers private consultations as an intuitive/astrological coach, and as a consultant in media relations, web marketing and social media management. See Full Bio.
Global Psychics Marie - Accurate Psychic Reader - Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor


I specialize in soul examinations, psychic predictions, identifying karma, and psychological advice. Through this process emerges the sparkle of the gem, a tenfold treasure of the soul.

Marie, Counsellor and Guide: I can help with breaking addictions, developing your own intuition, understanding our family of origin as it relates to our life path, and as a Health Intuitive.   If an addiction (physical or emotional, such as a love addiction) is karmic, it must be faced and allowed to fade away as we “graduate” from a “class” that is part of our spiritual development. If it is present time addiction, a body/mind approach is used to break the addiction and address the underlying issue(s). I can help you work with your own intuition and discover how Spirit gives you messages. Are your health issues karmic and giving you a  lesson or are you simply treating your body badly? Learn the differences and how to improve your physical health. See full bio.
Global Psychics Sharon - Expert Psychic Medium Advice - Akashic Records Readings



Sharon has over 20 years experiences as a professional psychic and radio and television personality. She is a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, reiki master and trained in Soul Genesis. See full bio


Global Psychics Teresa - Accurate Tarot Readings - Name Poetry


Bringing a lifetime of personal growth and study in many diverse arenas


Teresa, Guide: I can help you achieve your goals with a daily encouragement or talk you through a difficult situation, leading you back to your own inner strength.  I would be honored to help you in any way I can.  Discover your own PERSONAL POWER in any situation, Tapping coach, Kabbalah insights/wisdom, affirmations, coaching/encouragement, finding INTIMACY WITH G-AWED, writing your own PERSONAL PSALM (bringing you closer to understanding your relationship with the Universe/Source/ G-awed-ess), mentoring (especially, though not exclusively, young people), SACRED POWER of YOUR NAME (including breakdown of power within each vowel and consonant).See full bio.

Global Psychics Janeah - Expert Psychic Reader - Visionary Psychic



As a psychic medium and 3 generations of intuitive background, I feel my gifts are to be given back to the world in any way I can. I have been a professional psychic reader for over 4 decades and love to help people find their own gifts and soul purpose in life as I did. See full bio.
Global Psychics Helen - Psychic Medium - Medical Intuitive - Intuitive Eating Coach


Learning to eat intuitively and trusting your body’s needs, you will come away from an intuitive eating session with a renewed appreciation for your body’s in-born intuitive eater.

Helen, Holistic Eating Coach: As an Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Intuitive Eating Coach, and Certified Medical Intuitive, Helen brings her expertise to guiding clients who may need direction on why they are experiencing digestive disorders. Helen is able to intuitively scan a client’s energy focusing on the digestive organs and she may find areas that are holding emotional and energetic blocks. Helen will guide the client on ways to clear these blocks. Tuning in to any food sensitivities a client may have, Helen is able to advise the client on whether a cleanse would be beneficial and by teaching a client the benefit of making healthier food choices the client will come away from a coaching session understanding more about their body, and how important it is to pay attention to the subtle messages the body sends.See full bio.

Thank you all, for trying to get me to see and to realize what and who  really am. Ms J.

I  learn so much from you…God bless you …Love Rose T

Once again I am thanking you for your help and advice. I am going to start thinking positive. I think your web-site is amazing and very helpful to everyone. Sherwin

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I learn so much from you. God bless you. Rose T

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