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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free daily Chinese horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here’s an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Sir Peacock Casts His Beady Eye!

peacock-round01-aWhen I finished this piece I asked on social media for the best ideas for a title of this peacock-themed embeaded shield and the winner is “Sir Peacock Casts His Beady Eye!” suggested by emmyroselee on Instagram. It made me laugh out loud, so I had to pick it. Check out her painted stones!

The next-best idea was “Vrindavan” (Krishna’s home where peacocks danced with joy at the sound of his music.) from Lisa Iris on Facebook. I like that idea so much, I December do a series of peacock designs based on the concept. Check out her gallery site: … awesome fantasy art. No wonder she had such a great idea!

I’m oddly not that great at naming my own artwork for some reason, and I am really happy with the feedback I got on this peacock piece, so in the future I’m definitely going to ask again when I get stuck. I was telling people I am very drawn to the peacock as a spirit animal, and to it’s Greek patroness, the goddess Hera. I’m not sure why I keep coming back to Hera, since she’s the patron goddess of marriage and fidelity, and I’ve never been married. To me, the peacock is a symbol of pride, confidence, joy, royalty, and abundance. And I just love peacock colors!

April Horoscopes

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