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Free Will VS Fate and Our Pre-Birth Plans

It is said that we have Free Will,  that we choose our destinies, but really, how free are we? As a psychic, I often see destiny played out in in my clients lives – a relationship or a particular  event  that was "Fated,", destined to happen. To me, Fate is simply part of a bigger plan. It describes purposeful, intentional connections, those accidentally on purpose events that puzzle us – and show us that spirit is in action, there is more to life than meets the eye. The Universe sets us up for synchonricity to bring  certain people, places and even things together in response to the unconscious plans within us. When there is a sense of destiny at work, we are called to pay attention, to notice what is happening because this person or event is probably significant!

One of my clients recently dropped me a note that prompted an interesting discussion on free will. Since these questions have come up so often over the years, I thought it would be worth sharing…..

Her Question:

Free Will is a topic that has always fascinated me. More and more I'm feeling that we have so little control over our lives…….or do we? I know we can choose certain things….eg. whether or not to stay in a bad relationship, but overall would that "bad" relationship have happened anyways…but perhaps with someone else.? Looking back over the years to certain astrology reports I've had….there seems to be a trend in our lives….eg. the next decan will be more about real estate and business vs the past one which was about counselling and helping people. So do we really have choices? Perhaps the KIND of business or whatever, but do we really have choices with the major trends. Also if we are "fated" to get married or divorced at a certain point of our lives are the only choices those who will play the major characters? And if we spend one life time as Aquarius with a certain set of characteristics (strengths and weaknesses) do we come back the next time as the NEXT sign of the zodiac? Hugs…Mahrie

We are always free to choose whether or not to follow our destiny… We come here to learn and grow and expand as souls…so before we arrive here, we set a plan for what we want to accomplish in a life, lessons we want to learn, connections we want to make, karma we want to clear, experiences we want to have… and then we choose the family and the timing, the alignment of the energies, including the stars that will best support our plan…  thus you will notice certain trends appearing in the stars – because we chose an alignment that would support our goals…

Once we get here, we then can decide as we go how much of our plan we will complete – and whether we want to change the plan…  Certain patterns will appear in our lives as we progress reflecting the lessons and experiences we want to have… our challenge is to notice the patterns so we can learn and change…

Fate certainly plays a role – but here is an example of how it can play out – it could very well be fated(I would say planned)  for you to meet a certain person in a life… your free will comes into play in how you react to that connection…. you can as easily choose not to get  involved…While Fate reflects your "higher will", or your spirit's plan, you always have the option of changing the plan or achieving your goals in a different way.

Fate is really just another word for your pre-birth plans…

It is unlikely that we would systematically follow the astrological chart in our reincarnations since we choose the alignment of the stars based on our pre-birth plans.

The Follow-Up

So if I'd been smart I could have just dated B. for a while and NOT married him!!!! What about kids? That’s even more complicated. If T. chose her father and I as parents? Did her plan happen after we were married  What if I had married someone else? Wow! It's All pretty mind boggling. Hugs Mahrie

These are interesting thoughts that strike many folks.. You learned a lot from that relationship with B., and gained a lot of strength and personal power through it so if you had not married him, I wonder how you would have made the same gains? It is hard to say when your children chose you as parent – they could as easily have been part of your plan so that these decisions were all made before even you were born… Or, when your children were making their own plans, their spirits could have approached yours while you slept one night to gain your agreement …The thing is, time is just a measurement tool for this dimension – it really has no meaning in the bigger picture where past present and future kind of meld into one…  there really is no time on the other side…that's a discussion for another day… .

The point is that all has purpose, even Fate. Our plans may be oibscure and at times even convoluted, but they are at work, regardless… and it is always our choice whether we follow through..The plan sets our intention,,,. it is up to us how we react in the moment…

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