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Francine Predicts for September

Francine’s September Predictions

September, a month for cooler days (if you’re living in the northern hemisphere) and coming inside. Changing leaves and longer nights. Everyone is getting ready to settle down for the winter in the nature realms. In this month is the holiday in some of the Pagan/Wiccan realms of Mabon on Sept. 21st. Mabon is all about getting together with friends and family and sealing the bonds of love, remembering all our relations and our interconnectedness to everything and everyone, to the All That Is of everything.

So why not celebrate your love for each other, get together and remind each other just how much you love one another and how that love gives you meaning and purpose to your lives? Not enough people openly tell each other how much they love one another, and sometimes, this can make all the difference in someone else’s life. Love is a great force of nature and can create many wondrous, deeply life changing experiences, if we allow it to.

So something special happened in that two Goddesses had something to say for this next coming month whereas I usually just draw one card. And here they are.

PYTHIA – Prophecy

Pythia is Apollo’s main prophetess. Apollo is the presiding God at the Oracle of Delphi, where “Know Thyself” is inscribed above the pillars of the temple.

Have you been confused as to what to do lately? Or in a state of being unsure about a certain area of your life? Perhaps there is a sense of instability, that things could swing one way or another, with little warning at any given moment, leaving you little time and room for your reaction.

Now is the time to roll with the punches, take things as they come. Do not worry too much about what the future will bring, continue to intend to stay within present time, and move forward in your life always in a state of ‘now.’ Once you really learn how to move and direct your life from ‘now,’ then it becomes easier to deal with events in your life that seem to come from out of nowhere and outside your realm of power.

This card is saying that as we come more into ourselves, all will be revealed, all will be known and everything will finally make total and complete sense as we come into a state of deep peace, awareness and compassion for others, and how they choose to live their lives and for ourselves and how we choose to live ours. The truth of the situation bothering you will be unveiled and any questions about any mysteries will be revealed and solved.

On a global level, a greater opening up of truth for humanity at large, as we continue to heal the disconnect from each other, the Earth, all the Nature Kingdoms and the rest of the Universe at large. All conflict, war, hate and violence stems from the feeling of being separated off. The separation causes ‘dark spots,’ places of unknown truth and unrevealed information.

We are all living in glorious times, and we, each and every single one of us, made the choice, when we were born, to be here, in the physical instead of the nonphysical to experience on a deeper level all the transmutation and evolution taking place so that we could bring into being the new day and the new way. We are each a living breathing part, one piece of the greater prophecy and remember this sacredness, this glory and this grandeur in your day to day life. The spin of the cosmos resides within you and you within it all at the same time and as you take time to stop and really feel this movement, all the mystery and depth of the universe becomes light.

HYGIEIA – Health

Hygieia, when you get the to core of it, is the bearer of unity and harmony. We all need unity and harmony within in order to manifest health. How one manifests inner unity and harmony to then manifest outer health, is different for each, but stems from the unison of male and female within, the left and right brain clearly communicating, a heart that is undivided and a strong and healthy sexual energy. This is Hygieia’s blessings to everyone.

Disease manifests itself in our life when we become out of balance, when we move from our center, our core. Sometimes we move from our core when we over compensate, when we bend our wills to someone else and their wants and their will. When we are too concerned about giving to other people and not concerned enough about giving to ourselves and thinking about our own wellbeing. When we become too busy and don’t take time to rest, when we become the ‘workaholic.’

If you have been doing too much of one thing, do the reverse. If you have been too outward, too external, partying too much, too hard, now is the time to go within and do things on your own, quiet things. Or conversely, if you haven’t been partying enough with others, now is the time to let loose! If you have been feeling lazy and not very determined in your life, now is the time to light a fire underneath your butt and do something! Start Or if you have been working too much, consider this an invitation to take a break, get a massage, or take a vacation!

If you are already starting to get sick, because you have been doing the same one thing for too long over and over again, research what you need in order to get better, look into the healing of self and give that to yourself. You deserve it. Remember at the end of the day, there is one person we have to sleep with, ourselves, and we are the ones who have to live with all the choices we made during the day.

So this month, let the choices you make lead to a better, brighter, healthier and more vibrant tomorrow. Consider your body and wants it needs in order to be more whole, more at peace, and more happy. It will know exactly what it needs and will enlighten you, if you take the time to listen. Stop being in the head so much, come into the now, come into the present, come into your beautiful body, as it’s true when they say the body is the temple of the soul, let your feet touch the ground and allow the healing, loving energies of Earth into your life again.

There are many avenues of natural healing that are honoring of the body with no harmful side affects. Coming back into the arms, the embrace of the Earth and into the Divine Feminine can fill your heart’s cup to the brink and then over the edge. Intend to receive more than you ever though possible and so shall it be.

Namaste and Many Blessings Upon Your Path, Francine

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