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Why Celebrate The Fall Equinox?

The Fall Equinox is upon us once again, (in this part of the world, it falls on Sept 22)… for me, Autumn triggers a lot of mixed feelings… on the one hand, I love the colours and the smells, all of the Halloween fun and then there’s baking the Christmas goodies and the Boxing Day feast with the family… but on the other hand, I dread the cold and the ice, hate having to bundle up just to put out the garbage and I especially dislike not being able to walk easily outdoors.

Soon our neighbours will pretty much go in for the winter – we will hardly see most of them until we start the clean-up outside next spring. Now we settle into a different cycle.. a time when we tend to focus inward, on our hobbies, homes, work, career, family and relationships…

To help myself appreciate and enjoy this change of season, I usually gather friends and neighbours for a little drumming around a big bonfire in our backyard… we celebrate the harvest with lots of good food and take a little time to reconnect with our inner selves to set some new goals for the coming period.

As a psychic, I feel it is important for me to integrate a little ritual in our everyday lives… and I find that celebrating the change of seasons helps me to keep moving forward along the spiritual path. As described in The Path of the Spiritual Sun, which you can download free here, Planet Earth’s annual journey around the sun symbolizes our journey into the light. From a spiritual perspective, the autumn equinox has a very special meaning:

The autumn equinox is a mysterious time. It marks an essential passage in the process of enlightenment that is often overlooked, misunderstood, and mistaken as dark and heretical.

It is the time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings the coming winter, a time of darkness and death. This duality between light and dark exists within humanity, and in the work of spiritual transformation. All things must die before they can be born, all spiritual ascent requires descent first, and all those who long for light must firstly face their own inner darkness and overcome it. The autumn equinox symbolizes a stage of inner preparation in the process of enlightenment—to make way for the Son to be born within at the winter solstice

…..  with the sun representing the spiritual force that merges with a person….

The path of the sun, symbolizing the journey to enlightenment, starts as darkness begins to increase, three days after the summer solstice. This is when the sun begins its journey south in its progress through the sky after having reached its most northerly apex at the summer solstice, and the days begin to shorten toward the cold and darkness of winter.

The descent of the sun south into darkness is symbolic of the consciousness coming into the darkness of matter, of the spirit coming into a body, into the darkness of the subconscious of the psyche, to join the process of life (called the Wheel of Life in Buddhism). This darkness is necessary for spiritual awakening, as without darkness we would not know light, and it is from darkness (the subconscious) that light (consciousness) is extracted, with the knowledge gained from experience. From The Path of the Spiritual Sun, which you can download free here.

So, now you know why to celebrate the equinox, how will you honor this special time of change in your life? You could meditate by the light of a candle, bake a special cake, gather with a few friends, get out to the local farmer’s market to take advantage of the harvest…. It really doesn’t matter what you do… just take a few moments to note the change of seasons and the energy and to set some goals for the next season.

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