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A 6 month OnLine Program in Practical Magic led Cherie $250

I am offering a course on Practical Magic that is a 6 month program. There will be a ebook for you to download to follow along with the program.
These classes will be offered in a teleconference format.They will be held twice a month. The whole course is $250 if you pay up front. This will entitle you to the first month free.  If you choose to pay monthly, each month is $50. A course outline is available for you to peruse.
Build energy, magic and community.
Create more freedom, joy and love in your life by expanding your mind and opening your heart.
Life is about giving and receiving. We give energy and receive energy. Energy given and received keeps the flow of life eternal. I created an altar lately for Shiva; the hindu god of creation and destruction. Upon the altar also sits the elephant god, Ganesh. Ganesh is the son of Shiva with the head of an elephant. He is the bringer of fortune, the remover of obstacles. A beautiful tapestry of Shiva rises up over the altar as lit candles, red flowers and mala beads bring the vibration of these deities into my space. I have felt a call, a pull towards coming into resonance with Shiva and Ganesh. I have recognized the messages from waking as well as dreaming life that have answered the call towards deeper wisdom and love offered by these deities.
When I invite the spirit of Shiva and Ganesh into my energy field, I begin to resonate with the qualities of these divine beings. I am not praying to them as much as coming into resonance with them. The energies of Shiva help me balance my overly feminine frequency by bringing in the pure male energy of Shiva. The statue of Ganesh is a reminder of calling on the powers of protection, remover of obstacles in life and abundance as well as wisdom. When I light the candles for Shiva and Ganesh, I give strength to the prayers I send up for peace and happiness. These prayers are for everyone, not just myself.
As the altar gathers power day by day as I add energy to it, as I water the flowers I am also adding energy to the altar.
When I light the candle for Ganesh I ask for removal of obstacles in my path. As I speak outloud and with respect to these powerful deities I align myself with the blessings they offer not just me, but all who seek deeper understanding.
A spell-working is a prayer in motion. It is an intention to change or alter your reality. How can you learn to utilize spells in your everyday life to bring more happiness, love, peace, abundance and healing?
How would you like to learn how to practice spells to protect you from negativity in the home or workplace? How would you like to attract a loving relationship into your life or bring passion back to an existing one? How about a money-drawing spell to manifest more abundance or a better job?
Life is full of possibility, magic and miracles! Bring yourself into alignment with natural and universal forces that will help you live that magical life.
Magic begins with intention. It is fueled by imagination and propelled by your hearts desire.
Magic is all around you if you have the eyes to see and the ears to listen. Miracles occur everyday. You may feel or believe yourself to be powerless to change things but that is not true. Break the spell you have been under that says you have no true power in this world.
Break the spell you have been under that says spell-working is evil or manipulative. Every advertisement, commercial or opinion is a form of spell-working. Political platforms are forms of spell-working. All around you every day the thoughts, fears, beliefs and desires of others are bombarding your mind and spirit.
Crafting spells to improve your life is no more or less manipulative than what is blasted at you everyday in the media, the world, the office, the home or the shopping mall.
” Do as you will be it harm none” is an old addage that speaks of free will in so far as it does not hurt another or act in a way that takes another’s free will away. A black magic spell is merely energy directed in a way that interferes with the will of another.
Practical Magic 101 – Program Outline
Month one: Get grounded, centered and protected with the elements and the four directions
                 Gathering your tools or implements of power
                 Building your altar or sacred space at home or work
                 Cleansing and consecrating yourself and your sacred space
Month two: Learn how to work with your chakra’s or energy centers to clear, balance and energize
                 Learn how to raise energy in yourself and/or your sacred space
                 Experience a full moon and a new moon ritual for releasing and manifesting
                 Introduction to gods and goddesses and how to work with them
Month three: Explore gemstones, crystals, herbs and oils
                    How to gather and find magical ingredients for spell-working
                    Candle Magic
                    Calling on your Spirit Helpers
Month Four: Practical spell-working
                  Spells for Love
                  Spells for Abundance
                  Spells for Healing
                  Spells for psychic and spiritual growth
Month Five: Magical ethics
                  Sharing your magic with others
                  Spell working for others
                  When the spell isn’t working
Month six: Are you a healer, a psychic or a witch?
                Which magical path is calling you?
                Forming a circle of light workers in your community
                Coming out as a witch, a healer or a psychic.

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