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Dreams have purpose, they come when they do for a reason…. sometimes it is to help you process scary feelings, sometimes it's about warning you of a future event, and sometimes it's about working out issues from the past. Some dreams are unforgettable… something about the colours in them or the quality of the light, and then there's that strong feeling of actually being there… the dream feels so real…. and sometimes, maybe in its way, it was… perhaps an out of body experience….. Let me explain.

I have moved around a lot in life.  My father was in the R.C.A.F. which meant frequent transfers, and once I married and moved out, I kept on moving… rarely having any chance to go back for a visit. I spent my teens and even got married on the air base in Trenton, Ontario. This was the longest posting I remembered in the service… we got to know Trenton very well… and for the most part, they were happy days, lots of friends and healthy activities to keep us busy.  One of those activities was to walk into town from the base… a good long walk, at least 45 minutes, but pleasant… to get into town, we had to cross the mouth of the Trent river canal system where there was a small marina… we would stop to see if there were any boats caught in the lock… I dreamed of being in this town many times, walking around town, shopping, looking for shows, trying to find my favourite bake shop, a number of times trying to find the school and the way out of the housing section of the base. None of the dreams were frightening, but they did seem to be about my working out some of the issues that came up in my life, feeling lost, unable to find what I wanted, working through some fears that had developed in those days… but one dream was especially remarkable… I had been in town and was starting to walk home… but I couldn't find the bridge to cross the river, it wasn't where it always was… So I walked along the canal for a bit and there it was, a few blocks from where it had been… and once I got over the new bridge, the path took me on a longer, but prettier, walk up the hill to the curve of the road that meant we were nearly back to the highway…interesting, but I had no idea whey the dream mattered. I assumed it had something to do with new directions I was seeking in my personal life…  Until later that year.

I decided to take a holiday that year in the 1000 Islands at the mouth of the St Lawrence river and from there to drive west to visit my family for a few days… the route would take me through Trenton and Belleville where I went to school so it was an opportune time to take a look into the past… and as it happened, we had family friends living on the base, so we could actually get past the gate to go inside. I wanted my son to see what a big air base looked like, where I met his father…. To get there, we had to cross the river on that bridge I had dreamt of… and sure enough, when I drove down the street where I would normally find it… there was no longer a bridge there… fortunately, I remembered the dream… I made a left turn and found the bridge a few blocks down, and as in my dream, it led to a road that wound up the small hill to the main highway (as opposed to going straight up the hill from the bridge,)

My sense is that the dream came so I would notice that I needed to make a slight change in direction in my personal life… circumstances had changed "the bridge" I was looking to get me from the past to the future had moved, and so now I needed to make some adjustments in my plans. The dream helped me to release some anxiety around finding the answers I was searching for around my career.

Interesting that two of my more remarkable past life dreams in a sense were around the same event…. The dream of Trenton's bridge marked the time when I married… this next dream marked the absolute ending of my marriage… I kept dreaming of the mall that was across the street from the apartment building where my ex and I lived when we broke up… It had changed, the pharmacy was at the opposite end of the mall… the grocery store that had been in the middle of the mall had been replaced with a dollar store, there was a new restaurant, and new clothing and shoe stores….

A few years after the Trenton visit, my son and I took the Columbus Day week-end to drive from Boston to London, via Hamilton to visit my dying mother-in-law. That week-end was rife with paranormal activity…. After visiting for awhile, I asked Rose if I could get her anything, a coffee, a magazine, whatever… she asked for a comb…. the hospital commissary was closed so we had to head out to a store and as it happened the nearest I could think of that would have what she needed was that mall I had been dreaming about…  Sure enough, when I pulled into the parking lot, I immediately recognized the changes my dreams had shown me and was able to go directly to the pharmacy for the comb and a few other toiletries for Mom.

That dreame marked a significant shift in my spiritual life and personal development…. new horizons opened up… Rose passed a few days after our visit,  but came back in spirit several times later… she opened some doors for me in the spiritual realms… it was no wonder I felt compelled to go see her in her last days…. and no wonder that those dreams had come to make sure I noticed that something very special was about to happen….Blessings, Rose, you opened the gates.

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