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Dreams and Prophecies

All my life I have had prophetic dreams, but like the quatrians of Nostradamas, it isn’t always clear as to the interpretation at the time.
In retrospect one gains insight from certain dreams and visions. How do we make use of those dreams and visions before they are confirmed?
Recording, journaling and sharing the visions will often help other aspects of the visions become clearer. Visions and dreams contain potential future’s. It is important to distinquish the difference between true visions and subconscious fears as well as the things we are fed by the media and collective thoughtforms.
I wanted to preface this before I share a dream which felt all too real and woke me up it was so disturbing.
It has a couple of different interpretations.
In this dream, the night of the new moon this month, there was a very large, silver bullet or missle shaped object that I saw aimed horizontally into the earth. From this object came a huge number of “aliens” that were armed and very frightening. There was death, chaos and martial law everywhere.
What was most disturbing to me was that my daughter and her fiance were thought to be dead. The next day there was a metro crash with 2 trains in DC where she lives. After waiting an excrutiatingly long time to hear from her I was relieved to discover they were both fine.
As of now on the global game board is a looming war with N.Korea. Was the silver object shooting into the ground a missle? Was the “alien” invasion N.Korea and a potential world war? Was it the train wreck I was picking up on and the silver object was the head of the train?
My daughter who lives in DC may be in an area that would be targeted by N.Korea.
I don’t know the answer. I do know that the threat of war and a crisis with N.Korea is real. I do know by the many prophecies that a world war is very probable.
I also know that none of these predictions and threats are absolutes. The more we envision peace on earth, the less we feed the fear that swarms around us, the more likely we are to avert war and settle disputes on this planet.
I encourage everyone to send love, peace and compromise to these nations and countries that are currently engaged in power struggles.
Our collective consciousness can contribute to peaceful resolution.
I for one will be envisioning a world of peace, unity and freedom for all.
Let’s all do our part to make our world safe for ourselves and our children.
Cherie Lassiter

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  1. hey … how are you ??

    since i was 10 , i’v been dreamin’ about my relatives’ death and the peaple who dead in my village and even others’ death , i evev dreamed about the soldiers who have been kidnapped in 12 july 2006 .. even during the war i dreamed that a bomb will fall next to our door and it happened , in my dreams i see grandma who always tell me who is going to die and how and in the next few days this person die .. and when micheal jackson died i saw in the newspaper in my dream ” the king of pop mj dead in june 25, 2009 ” …

    The reason i wrote this letter is that last night in my dream i saw the same thing i saw my name in the newspaper , that i will be dead in july 2011 … it’s really frightening .. so please i need a help .



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