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Did You Know About the Value of Grass?

Every element of nature has a meaning and value attached to it, even grass…

From The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols, by Adele Nozedar:

"Often overlooked because it is one of the most prolific plants on the planet, the very mundanity of grass is the factor that elevates its symbolic status. As a litmus, grass is invaluable; dry, brown and dying grass signifies a drought, whereas lush green grass is symbolic of fertility and a healthy land. The Roman Army gave a crown of grass or corona graminea, as the highest of accolades to particularly effective warriors symbolic of the very land itself, this crown was made of grasses, flowers, and weeds pulled from the battlefield. The entire army had to decide whether or not their leader deserved such a high accolade which was given only after the most desperate of campaigns.  Pliny the Elder recorded only nine men who had received this honor.

No matter how rare or how common the plant or critter, nature is talking to us. sending us messages, teaching us…..  How many of you have spent a lazy summer afternoon stretched out on the grass searching for a 4-leaf clover? But, except for knowing that it would bring us good luck, we probably had little understanding of what it really meant.

"The clover stands for protection, fertility, and abundance, and if brought into the home serves as a charm to keep away witches. It is worn for the same reason.The clover has three distinctly heart-shaped leaves, both elements that contributes to its benevolent reputation. The Shamrock – the form of clover that is synonymous with all things Irish – was known as the shamrakh in Arab countries and symbolized the triple aspect of the Goddess.

The rare four-leafed clover is a ubiquitous symbol of good luck, and finding one means that the bearer will be able to see fairies and witches and recognize evil spirits.  Accordingly, the four-leafed clover can protect from these creatures too. The four-leafed clover or shamrock carries all the symbolism of the number 4.

We don't think much about what we walk on, indoors or out… so take a few minutes next time you have your feet on the grass to stop and feel it, express your gratitude and appreciation for its role in your life. Then look around for some clover and give thanks for the good energy it brings into your life.  Absorb the greenery, let it touch your heart. Green is associated with the heart chakra… fascinating that while Nature displays every colour in the rainbow, the predominant colour, at least in this part of the world, is green… a reminder of how we are loved… and that our job is to return that love as a planetary caretaker.

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