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Although I have helped a few souls cross over, like so many, I have wondered from time to time what will happen when I die. Who will meet me, how I will cross over, will I go alone? This year I’ve witnessed two crossings that suggest that while we may appear to be alone when we die, we are not… the power of love transcends time and space and crosses dimensions.

My Aunt Terry who lived about two hours away from me died this winter after a long battle with cancer. She died late at night after her visitors had gone, so she was alone… but I knew the minute she died because I “saw” her leave her body as I was saying my bed-time prayers…. my father and an uncle who had recently passed met her as she rose through the tree of life… but no sooner had they each taken an arm to walk with her, my uncle Mel, Terry’s beloved husband, appeared. Mel had died some 25 years earlier, but my Aunt never stopped missing him, talked about him to her dieing days – the memories of their love always with her… The joy in their faces as their spirits reconnected was indescribable… it was as if they both lit up from the inside. Their spirits glowed as Mel took her arm and took her the rest of the way, Dad and Uncle Tom now forming the rear guard… two strong military men to cover their backs and protect them as they rose through the astral plane…. I was awed.

The second crossing I witnessed was just as remarkable… Some of you may remember Christopher Ree from the years he worked with Global Psychics… he died several years ago… his partner, Kate, lovingly cared for him at great personal expense… during his last months several of us got to know Kate quite well and Teresa managed to stay in touch with her… a few weeks ago, Teresa worried that Kate had passed when she got a strange message in her email… turned out it was a glitch in her computer and she had misunderstood the message, but….Teresa is psychic afterall, had tuned into something… Kate died in a drowning accident a week or so ago… When I heard the news, I immediately had a vision, saw a woman in the water fully dressed and sinking deeper… then to my surprise Christopher appeared in front of her, reached out to grab her face in both hands… he had a huge grin on his face, came nose to nose with her, seemed to be saying, Yes, it’s me, I’ll help you now.” Then he wrapped one arm around her head to pull her face into his chest and the other around her body to hug her… and with that they seemed to shoot up out of the water… Chris taking his beloved home… Kate was at the beach with a friend who went for a swim… it seems he had a heart attack and when she saw he was in trouble, she swam out to help but the water was too rough… they recovered her friend’s body and found her purse and shoes on the shore… but her body has not been recovered and from the way I watched Chris take hold of her, I doubt it will be… it was as if Chris took her out of the water, body and all… they are together once again.

Although I may be physically alone at the moment of my death, I know I will have company… someone I have loved dearly will surely come to help me cross…

Q: After a spirit has crossed over, there is never any mention of GOD or Jesus, or whomever helps cross the spirit over. What actually goes on… who’s there…how are they deemed to be the conduit? If you are a spiritual person this is the first question you have. Monica

What goes on in those moments after death is highly dependent on the person’s belief system. Rumour has it that there is a gigantic cemetery on the astral place for all those who believe that they are waiting for Christ to come before they can themselves rise again…

Typically, we are met by our relatives, most often by those from our immediate families and close friends who have passed over before us. As we cross over, we pass through the tree of life, a kind of energy system that for most folks feels like they’re passing through a wind tunnel… the crossing can take seconds – or days… some may find that God or Jesus or some other angelic beings or spirit guides are awaiting them – if they are able to make it all the way through the tree of life… others may find that they’re trapped in some dark place within the tree where they may find many grotesque life-forms stuck in a kind of gap bopping around trying to find their way back…

What happens, again is dependent on what we have believed in, and just how high we were able to raise our vibrational frequency in our lives… the more light, laughter and love we carry in our energy beings, our souls, the more likely we will find ourselves rising to the higher realms after death…

As to meeting God and Jesus on the other side… I’m not so sure when they show up for us… most of us aren’t strong enough energetically to take this pure energy for longer than a nano second – and some folks can’t bear to be in the presence of God at all – so we may or may not see God, the Mother or Jesus or any of His angelic manifestations – if we don’t believe we’re good enough to – or haven’t lived a loving life, worthy of offering to God… I hope you get what I mean here…

I have heard said that we are asked only two questions when we pass over – what have you learned, and how have you loved… and I think that it is the answers to these two questions that determine whether or not we have the inner strength to encounter God directly… and for how long we can stay in this Oneness…

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