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Celebrating Moms

The "Mother" we celebrate on Mother's Day is really an archetypal figure – the nurturer, she is a kind of "home base", the one person we expect will support us through life…Mother can be represented by the Empress in the Tarot, the source of abundance and love…Mother represents the promise of growth, prosperity and fertility in all things

But Moms are real people, some of them are great moms, some take time to learn to be great moms…. and then there are some who never learn to nurture….and some who are downright hateful… the good news is that the number of loving and responsive moms far outweighs those who are hurtful… but even they have a great purpose, lessons they are bringing,. these moms in their way are also offering growth – opening the door to a deeper wisdom….

I waited until after Mother's day to publish this article because I didn't want to throw cold water on a day that is very special for many women and families…. but the truth is that ideal image of Mom promoted through the media is something of a fantasy, an ideal that new mothers can reach for, but old mothers know the truth of….most of us do our best and that is all we can ask for…

No Mom is perfect, as adults it may present some challenges to work out the differences between you. Some never do,  but most of us think of our Moms as a soft place to land….and for this I am grateful…

I have been slowly losing my mother to Alzheimers for the past 5 or 6 years… the Mom I knew is fading…but she still wants to peel the potatoes, chop the veggies, set the table and do the dishes when she comes for Sunday dinner…. even if she can't quite remember where the forks go…. Like many of you, my relationship with Mom has had some real ups and downs, but I love her with all of my heart and am so glad that at 90 we are still able to celebrate Mother's Day together.

Still, not everyone wants to celebrate their moms, some are on the other side, some have been the source of great pain and suffering for their children…… is said that those who love us the most as souls, will deliver some of life's hardest lessons. Something to think about… still, ALL the mothers are worth celebrating… first because they gave us life – without them, we wouldn't be who we are, – and second, because of what they teach us.. whether we like the lesson or not.



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