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Carmen Predicts: The World Mood for September

Carmen Predicts: September’s World Mood

General Disposition: testy, restless, benevolent, cranky, aggravated, self-entitled, tired and ready for change. Mischief abounds but compassion reigns as we course into a slow but inspired September. Lucky Number: 260444. Lucky Stone: Leonid Meteor Remnants, especially years 1004 to 1088.


Despite restrictions or regulations initially causing the market or spending to amount to some unexpected losses from investors earlier in the month –mid-month new partnerships and changes emerge which will balance these losses out due to ensuing market confidence as these emerging company structures are yielding better profits – resulting in an even and staggered increase and much needed improvements for the entire market month as opposed to extreme market-wide losses and more people being put out of work in the lower income brackets. Of course the job markets will remain the same but considering the September time frame with consumers returning to work, improvements won’t be seen fully until October or November.

This is because many people are diversifying their portfolios and not investing in single markets which means results will not be as dramatic over the short-term – and these slow improvements are due to investing in traditional and secure industries, such as emerging sciences and medicine, even in different countries with new manufacturers entering the playing field. Energy markets are going to be oscillating as it will depend on many political alliances right now as to which ones will emerge, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that no one damages any more pipelines which affected the price of oil this week.

There was an indication that interesting rulings are coming out in law suits through all the regulatory changes world-wide. The lack of regulations has caused a drop in confidence in the European markets in particular, as they seem to be scouring their markets for any detritus or potential problem makers. This in turn is affecting investments world wide as not much of it seemed within the investors control up to this point, not offering much security in the long run. This trend is only beginning across all the continents, from Japan to Africa, changing many humanitarian and work legislation. This has triggered changes in regulations in the US due to demand from wealthy foreign investors weary of the fallen or impulsive capital dream, and these serious investors are looking for secure pockets in the free market that are not prone to corruption, favouritism or bribery but that are not being bogged down by well-meaning regulators in an already tight market. This is not as cut and dry as it seems and is an issue world-wide, with the general sentiment being that rotten apples need to go, regulated or not.

These lines are being drawn across the globe, and the consumer or investor has become much more educated and smarter. As the common denominator for fair and humanitarian free trade arises, some human aspects will develop encouraging a free-thinking renaissance of ideas and a rebirth of inventions that will stimulate wealth and manage it better with genuine long term management interests. Many changes will be eventually beneficial to industry in the not so distant future, stimulating the market with a genuine and long-standing affirmation of trust and business cooperation as opposed to a short-lived corporate cash injection that may come from unstable or underfunded investors or gamblers.

It seems that the most draining of the biggest market perpetrators have been caught for now, and this month will slow a bit with no major surprises, revenge antics or public embarrassments. This means a bit more stability for everyone even though it may appear unnaturally boring, I heartily would recommend and welcome this slow-down. Goals and decisions regarding the job market may be stalled world-wide and people are waiting for these decisions to be implemented to make the markets less outlandishly competitive , as with all these issues being brought up now, many people are taking advantage of the confusion in the markets and disregarding rights of civilians and other industries market-wide, heisting each others ideas and disregarding trade and environmental rules. Fortunately, many of the regulations regarding the environment are being seen, and much is being done in the way of ecology and the survival of many species, so this should be looked at in a much more positive, and less self-centered manner.

General Human Happiness and Freedoms:

There seem to be many humanitarian issues at hand, including the stories and trials of persons that are currently incarcerated or being falsely accused, so look out for more of these trials to emerge that we have seen over the last few months. Some of them may be resolved, and another or many other trials and suits are initiated. It seems some releases will happen as the energy releases in this part of the reading. This seemed to be a major factor in debates and negotiations these days, and there are so many people affected one can see why.

Many countries don’t want to take on the stigma of alienation or risk economic loss if they set innocent people free but more and more human rights issues will emerge from these disputed cases, benefiting the rest of the populations and changing countries and culture further down the chain. Most of us don’t seem to like these changes, but they are happening whether we like it or not. We have no control over the digital evolution and this was expected as the way we were going to develop during the information age. It was only a matter of time when we would object to being too close to each other, so to say, not only by country, but by proxy, imposing our own morality upon each other and expecting full moral and economic compliance nationwide, extending all the way from the government all the way to the individual.

It seems that there are people being avoidant or lying about a crisis at hand – possibly causing a refugee crisis – the people affected appear to have lost or been split from their families. It seems no one would like to confront this issue yet, or the general mood is that its perceived nobody can. Many of the people involved in negotiations are too tired from all the tensions to see perspective and are afraid of reputational and more serious losses and concerns, as so many people have savagely lost everything this year. So I would expect the Red Cross or the Aid agencies to tighten up their operations and begin formal planning and action as this may be happening in many countries at once now and is a matter of urgency.

We have the conventions, both the Republican convention having ended without incident this week, The Democrats next week, and the Non-aligned Conventions occurring at the end of August which is setting the tone for the following month and with all the activity in the middle east, as well as the European financial meetings are underway, Asia is talking to all of its neighbours and is quietly reorganizing itself and settling long standing, decade old territorial disputes, out of which a sagely beneficial agreement will arise, though not this month.


A group of people in a state or country seem to be fixated on celebration, so somewhere the tone is less than serious during this difficult time. With so many meetings going on, it is likely this is happening somewhere right now, and I can’t objectively suggest where.

There is a new partnership that forms between one or more countries, territories or people, ends and then forms again, or new unities come out of a disagreement. So many of the partnerships formed this month will be evolving, changing and may not be fixed – so they won’t be getting too attached to their new allies, and will continue to be flexible.

The main reason for these disagreements will be a need for continuation of money flow being an issue, as opposed to power– this will be about economy. Lots of rumours will be abounding so take some of what you read less literally or just check the news again in 24 hours, (that usually clears up the impulsive news stories or errors).

I would expect that this month is much slower and people will be digesting or evaluating situations – so nothing extreme seems to develop, but sometimes I wonder if I am so used to the extreme from the last two years that this month seems comparatively normal-bad, as opposed to cataclysmically bad, that I can see this as a month with a B minus rating. .

The impasse world-wide is primarily about ownership, economy and territories right now. That in itself is overwhelming but is occurring right as we speak, and in essence new cultures are forming. It seems some of the relationships are beneficial but the parties are tired and only small adjustments are needed for improvements. These small allowances will allow for more general or wide-spread flexibility between all parties. We are already seeing it at work right now just by watching all the negotiations at work in the news. Even if the parties do not agree, the simple art of acceptance or decline in bargaining or deal making is exactly the changes that are required, even if it means the parties acquiring new partners to feel secure, the idea is for the countries to deescalate any aggressive movements and feel as secure as possible even if that means temporarily taking sides.

There seem to be a few female dignitaries or potential leaders emerging from this reading – and one will be visiting a foreign area. She seems to be a counter balance and instils a balance and with the Justice card falling strongly in position even if it comes in irregular and unconventional manner. It is a positive aspect in the reading and appears more than once – so there are probably a few refined and courageous women out there working for us! I know of many women that are negotiating right now. The people they delegate initially may not listen to her but she gets the job done. I am uncertain as to the name of this statesperson, leader or civilian is, but we know for example that Chancellor Angela Merkel is negotiating for the future of Europe with notables as Christine Lagarde and Francois Hollande ( albeit he is male ) and Hilary Clinton is in Asia right now and I see no end of fabulous and inspiring women in sight.

There are many new female players and activists coming into play and it is good to see they eventually balance the situation out, even if the effect is not seen this month, it certainly is encouraging that they feel supported enough to do so, and we will certainly get used to seeing them prominently in the news.

The Weather:

Finally the temperature is dropping globally but still seasonal! The Equator should stay within high humidity ranges, with no major rain belts passing over these areas. Southern continents will see some some rain as the pressure changes from the hurricanes reverse into a rain flow for rain starved countries in the south. Arctic melting will still continue through September. It still seems we will be in the comfortable human temperature ranges and it’s possible none of the storms approaching over the next few days will be as big as Isaac was, and perhaps we have gotten off lighter this hurricane season.

There will be three or more more large storms coming in September from the east. Don’t count all the ones that are emerging so far this month. There may be lots of baby storms that won’t make it. One of them will develop very suddenly and this one is like a flash and surprises us but it seemed like a steady month – too bad some of the rain did not make it west! Europe seems to be untouched and going into a gentle autumn, and in Asia it seems the resulting damage won’t be too extreme this month, which after the floods in the Philippines last month, the Typhoons in Japan and the Koreas, losses will be within expected reason, as more funding is being allocated to these areas now in managing these problems.

Alerts are out for travelers that are using the ocean as many are – and it seems that migrants now should be aware of some very unfriendly waters and persons living on the beach fronts have to make sure they are well-informed about the threats and not stay on to counter, welcome or film these oncoming weather events.

I would give this month a shaky thumbs-up rating of 6.8 out of 10, which would have been rated at a panicky 3.2 out of 10 three years ago but is still 0.8 of a percentage point up from last month It seems we are still at a steady pace with no sudden calamities of note to fear and will make it well past labour day and possibly into Thanksgiving so far! ;). Copyright Carmen Miro

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