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Calling All Users of Psychic Counselling

ITN Factual are currently making a TV special on spiritual and paranormal counselling. It is an observational documentary for the United States about people who use this form of therapy in order to help with their day to day life and spiritual well being. We are looking to follow a range of US contributors; here is a bit more about who we hope to feature:

– Those who very regularly consult a psychic, for what they consider essential readings. They have a healthy and beneficial relationship with their psychic guide(s); can afford the consultations and would be lost with out their genuine psychic advice and insight.

  • – People who have recently just started to consult with clairvoyants. Contacting the spirit and angel world for help and guidance is a fairly / completely new experience for them.
  • – People who have developed an unhealthy relationship with psychics. They will call psychics many times a day for readings and have gotten into large amounts of debt because of it. We would like to investigate possible recovery and healing for these people.

If you think this describes yourself and would like to find out more about the programme please email leaving your name, contact telephone number and what State you are based in (for time zone purposes).


About ITN: UK based ITN Factual ( – click on the ‘ITN Factual’ tab). Part of ITN, the UK’s biggest commercial news provider, ITN Factual has a reputation for the quality and integrity of the blue-chip documentaries it produces.

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