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I have loved Boston since the 80’s when I lived in Lexington, just 15 minutes from the heart of the city. I loved the ocean, the beaches all round, the harbour, the fabulous seafood, but most of all I loved the people. Most Bostonians are indeed a little “proper,” they are true patriots, conscious of their heritage, proud of their history, a friendly, helpful, caring people with a wry sense of humour that so often tweaked my funny bone.

I made many life-long friends in Boston, so it is with great heart, that I extend the love and prayers of the entire Global Psychics team to all of those associated with the Boston Marathon, to the city of Boston, and especially to those who were injured or lost their lives in this shocking tragedy.

Like so many, I immediately worried that this event could trigger another war, that some terrorist group had attacked the US once again…. but as soon as the first details of the “bombs” were reported, I discounted this possibility… my third eye saw one mad man, at most two, responsible… we will see, but I’d be willing to put money on the fact this is a matter of domestic terrorism…someone inspired by and perhaps even trained briefly by Al Qaeda, but not acting on their behalf… except perhaps in his own mind.

The Boston bombings are a disturbing reminder of 9/11… it is scary to see hundreds of armed police and military personnel walking the streets of this beautiful city, but let us choose not to be caught in paranoia and fear… this is a time for loving prayer, calm detachment… a kind of dispassionate compassion…

Let us each acknowledge our fear, and then choose to trust that you are safe, and that truth wills out. Focus on what is good and loving in our lives… hug your friends and family, take a walk in the park, smile, be grateful and prayerful… be kind, to yourself, and to all you meet. In this way, we can move past this moment of crisis.

Phil’s Thoughts…

My take on the Boston Marathon bombings will probably be unpopular or misunderstood but so be it. We simply have the free-will to see it, react to it, and cope with it any way we want to, so…

At the risk of sounding callous or indifferent (because I‘m NOT!), I spent my first 37-plus years living in and around Boston, saw the Marathon go by three times, lived for a while less than 100 feet from the race route, drove a cab up and down Boylston Street countless times, etc. Don’t get me wrong but Boston is a great place to say is where I came from, been there and done that, bought the tee-shirt, never going back.

I’ve actually been preparing for such a thing (and subsequent horrific events) for years now, not ever wanting to repeat the fear and anger I felt after 9/11, mostly by following the wise advice of the exalted spiritual masters throughout our history to:

  • Eliminate fear,
  • Eliminate anger,
  • Live in love because Love is truly who and what we are,
  • Learn to be dispassionate about the pains and suffering of others (while still remaining compassionate of course),
  • Don’t dwell in the past,
  • Be-Here-Now, and perhaps most importantly,
  • Be in the world but not of the world.

I’m not always successful at living these truisms precisely but practice makes progress, leaving perfection out of the equation because it ain‘t gonna happen as long as we‘re humans living within this 3D prison of limitations. These lifelong and hard-learned lessons have led me to the conclusion of “Don’t beat yourself up when you fail – you’re naturally going to – learn to become dispassionate about your own pain and suffering.”

So, when I first heard of this tragedy at work, my initial reaction was “Stuff happens,” although “stuff” wasn’t exactly the word I thought of, to keep this a G-rating. I got home and turned on the news to hear one pundit say, “Hey, we Americans know how to get through this, Boston is a tough and resilient city,” and then I turned it off. True, but how do we now know how to “do” it, which led me to the following;

We’re at first naturally horrified, we grieve, we mourn, we feel helpless and sick to our stomachs, we want to know who did it and why, all of which are natural reactions. We then need to acknowledge it, honor it, know that justice will be served (somewhere and somehow), and then… let… it… go, everything other than those feelings can be seen as unnatural, junk like seeking revenge or fighting fire with fire. “ ‘Justice is mine,’ saith the Lord,” or whomever/however we can acknowledge the existence of G-awed within our hearts.

But then we do what we can do to help, and usually the only thing we can do involves prayer, no matter how we do it or think it could possibly help, if prayer comes from the heart – where G-awed lives – it always does! We hope and pray that the perpetrators will be caught soon and brought to civil justice (so that they‘ll never do it again in our lifetimes), and then we pray that no one else will ever try doing the same thing anywhere else. Repeat as necessary until all violence ends, and begin believing that it truly will. When enough of us have this heart-set, miracles happen. Simple.

Having said all that, I’m intuiting that the perps – plural – are home-grown (picking up on rural New Hampshire) jerks who live in fear of a “one world government,” the New World Order or some other delusional conspiracy theory. Such morons are usually hell-bent on somehow taking their misguided revenge out on a liberal/progressive woman or women (runner/athlete?) who understandably rejected them in High School or thereabouts, probably an attractive woman or two who didn’t want anything to do with haters, and who could possibly blame her?

I’m also guessing that they’re probably survivalists, now hunkering down in their man-caves – their self-created prisons – listening to hate radio. Thankfully, it’s a conspiracy of less than one-millionth of one percent, so… And life goes on.

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