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Being Psychic – a Way of Life?

I think I’m psychic, how do I get started on developing my ability?

So many visitors and clients ask about working with the psychic energy in them, but I think the more relevant question is how to live with being psychic? For me and the Global Psychics team, being psychic is more a way of life than it is a practice… Here are some good ideas to get you going on the path to living psychically.

Learn to meditate:  – this will help you to focus and center yourself, and also help you to stay clear…

Work on being the Best you can be, at everything… learning to live with your ability is about learning to be the most that you can be in every aspect of your life – and this is a lifelong exercise…. it is about being enthusiastic to be learning, whether you are learning to be a better golfer, gardener or money manager, every step you take to make yourself better will also serve to enhance your psychic ability – and vise versa.

Read… Books are also very good teachers and there are lots of really excellent books to help you figure out what is going on for you and how to work with it.  Let your natural self be your guide, allow yourself to follow your interests and the growth and knowledge you are reaching for will come to you easily, in a way that you can easily integrate what you are learning into your daily life. Pay attention to the field of quantum physics since that is the one place in science that is working to in a way prove what goes on in the psychic realms…

Reach out to those around you.. Ask your friends and family, see who else is interested in the same subjects, share your experience and interests with them – learn about the different tools and play with them a little, see what divination tools work for you and then have some fun with them, reading for friends…

Keep a journal of your insights and knowings – One of the most valuable ways of using your psychic ability is to learn to read the energy of your own life so you can learn to move it to become a better stronger person, and have more of what you want from life… if you will pay attention, your “inner self” will give you a lot of good insights about what is going on for you, what is bothering you and what you want to change in yourself… or what you’re afraid of, or angry about…. and if you will also work on being a very loving person, avoiding judgment wherever you can, you’ll find that your loving insights can help you avoid conflicts – or resolve those that come up much more easily and quickly…. being tuned into what’s going on around you can really make it easier to manage your life, and even raise your IQ, if you will work at it…

Develop the Art of Noticing I’m not talking so much about working at being psychic, but rather at being very observant, noticing and feeling of your life and allowing yourself to read more deeply into what is going on around you, so you can make the most of the opportunities and minimize the problems…

Learn the art of interpreting Study the universal symbols, the archetypes, the beliefs, and key energetic influences (eg astrology, numerology) that influence our behaviour and attitudes and then observe how they are affecting you from moment to moment….

Seek the balanced way… Finally, be attentive to your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and economic health – to make the most of your ability, to see how best to use it to make the most of your life, you need to live in a balanced way, allowing your whole self to interact with the world – letting your creative self out to play is just as important as being able to have a good job… or eating well and sleeping well – and these are as important as dancing and singing…

Learn to live fully, with joy and enthusiasm… What I am trying to say is that living with one’s psychic ability is about learning to live with joy, to live to the fullest, more than it is  about learning to be psychic… the more you participate in life, the more you allow yourself to taste and feel and experience all that life has to offer, the more attuned you will be from within, and the more you will find that your ability serves you.

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