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A Reason for Everything

Mother is convinced that "There's a reason for everything." The concept of all events in life having meaning was embedded in my belief system long before I adopted the spiritual beliefs that now guide my life.. Mom is right, "All Has Purpose." Every event, individual, and experience has a meaning… it is up to us to look for it and to learn from it….

Purpose typically is multi-faceted.. an event that affects many people will have a different meaning and purpose for each person, as well as a larger, more general purpose for the entire group. The killing – murder – of Cecil the lion is a good example of what I mean… in his life, Cecil made a great contribution to our understanding of his species, and in his death, he left mankind with one more lesson – he raised our awareness of a change in values – the day of the big game hunter is over, s/he is no longer considered brave, a man's man… powerful… Cecil showed us that in today's world, game hunters are ego-driven, lacking in compassion or any real connection with nature. The world turned on the hunter in this case, sent him into hiding, may have cost him his practice… I won't venture to guess at what purpose all this served for him, but certainly one purpose would be to give his ego a shake, and show him that in today's world there is a BIG price to pay for what he perceived as play.

Accidentally, on Purpose….

Individual purpose is revealed at specific points in our lives… for some this is very early, for others, well, it can take some time and requires some preparation. Still, ALL has purpose. We live our lives with intention – too often purpose is hidden from us, or becomes quite muddied as life gets in the way. What I have found very interesting though, is how often, without any conscious intention, we find ourselves exactly where we should be… our subconscious, and our soul knows what it needs to do to get where we want to go….

Our lives mirror for us the state of our souls, show us what we are creating… it is up to us whether we choose to see, learn from and accept the purpose in all, even in life's tragedies, perhaps our biggest lessons. The seeds of our greatest joys are found in our greatest sorrows in life. Even the pain has great purpose, is a response to a soul call.

The roles we play in life come to us as we prepare for and then act on our soul purpose. Our roles lead us to find our Higher Purpose. Understand also, we have a multiplicity of purposes in a lifetime. We may have set a specific purpose, like learning about love or power, or even finding a cure for cancer, but we will also have many other purposes – to connect with certain people, to have certain kinds of experiences, to express ourselves in unique ways, for example as musicians or artists.

But whatever the purpose you may have defined, the larger purpose is the evolution of your soul, the acquisition of Light as opposed to the acquisition of property, knowledge, or accolades. . Making the most of every moment, seeing all as purposeful, enables the evolution of your soul in whatever direction your Higher Self has set. Staying present, doing your inner work, accepting and working with where you are now ultimately leads you to fulfilling your life's purpose for today and tomorrow..

When we are "on purpose" life tends to have a natural flow to it….when we are being guided to adjust our direction, we will probably find we are beset with problems, blocks… opportunities to change… Some issues are designed to test our true intent and desire, others may be part of your pre-birth plan, all will prove purposeful somewhere along the line in our soul development….

Note: If you want to align yourself with your Higher Purpose, use this powerful affirmation as often as you can think to: I will to will Thy Will. Then be willing to make change..

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