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A New Twist on an Old Scam

Some psychics lack integrity and will go to great lengths to separate you from your hard-earned cash…

I’ve been seeing a psychic who has been making me suspicious. She tells me that the negativity that she removed from me has entered her body and now she has lymph node cancer. She says she needs platinum coins to remove the cancer from her and wants me to give her $43,000 to pay for the platinum coins. She says that if I don’t do  this, then she will die and then, as a result, I will die as well. She says that I must do this because she is sick because of me.  She said her family and friends have no money to help her.  I am not intending on doing this, but I just wanted to know if it is  possible for negativity to move to another person in such a way. A. T.

A new twist on an old scam – to make you feel guilty for her problem… If she has cancer (and that’s a big IF), it is because she has been scamming folks for too long… please don’t buy into this…  yes, it is possible that she could take on negativity – but experienced psychics know how to protect themselves and clear their energy fields after a difficult session…  and would never blame a client for their illness… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

 The Story Continues……..

 My name is Adonis and I have written you several times about this psychic  who wanted me to buy her $30,000 in Platinum coins or else she will die.  This psychic keeps calling me and is crying profusly and sobbing on and on that she is going to die unless I give her money to buy coins.  She says she is sick because of me and because she cleansed the evil out of me and now she has cancer because of me. I am only bothering you again  about this because I told her I would call the cops and she doesn’t care,  she says I will die as a result as well. I have changed my phone number  but I am getting strange dreams and a feeling of guilt and fear that maybe there is an element of truth to this. It may just be the brainwashing that I was under but I am slowly feeling physically sick and weak and think that it is either the stress of the guilt I am under or, maybe there is some validity to her claims. Or, maybe I am just in fear of some sort of retribution. I don’t feel good about giving her money. My heart is telling me not to give her anything. But I feel ill.  What should I do?  Should I just be strong and move on with faith? What do you think?

Either change your number or block her calls- you can check with your phone company about how… the fact that she is calling like this affirms what I have said about her being a bit crazy… this is not appropriate or professional behaviour… You are succumbing to the fear… and she is probably sending some energy your way… however you are right not to give her any money… this has moved beyond harassment into the realms of blackmail and this woman really should be reported to the police… you can protect yourself… first surround yourself in a bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love – invoking this energy actively is both healing and protective… visualize her also surrounded in this light… see it infusing your body and hers and filling up the spaces all around you… next visualize a set of convex mirrors all around you to bounce the energy back at her… keep those mirrors in mind every time you think of her… they will bounce back any energy or thoughts she is sending to you… finally actively distract yourself from the fear… give yourself positive affirmations to use in place of the fear… it is this fear that got you into this situation so now force yourself to overcome it… this could be a good time to go see counsellor for some help … the psychic CAN’T hurt you – keep your vibrational frequency high with lots of loving positive thoughts, laughter… you are just reacting to the process of taking your power back…. OK? lotsa LLLove, Danielle

  1. I use to do a lot of body work as part of a previous career. That included Reki, Shiatsu and Massage. It has been a while. I am now as part of furthering my education seeing that body work will fit into my new career challenge, which is therapeutic psycotherapy and pain management. My question is can you tell my how to or where to go to review some cleaning techniques. Even thought I am a youthful 50 something I am excited about it all. Thank you for your previous guidance on available paranormal schools and institutions. I can not do it now, but this is all in my row of ducks.

  2. Sorry, this is , Please answer

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