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How to Cast a Spell – or Not

Over the years I've been approached many times for spells, especially love spells designed to return an old love or to get a new one to pay more attention…. but unless a client is prepared for a generic version, I won't be of much help. In the […]

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Dreams That Update the Past

More in Our Strange But True Series Dreams have purpose, they come when they do for a reason…. sometimes it is to help you process scary feelings, sometimes it's about warning you of a future event, and sometimes it's about working out issues from the past. Some […]

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Warning: Blackmail on the Web

I was taken aback the other day when I received an email identical to the one shown below except that it included a password, one that I did use from time to tme when I wasn't particularly concerned about security…. so I was immediately inclined to pay close […]

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Three Ways to Enhance Your Vision

I began my career in the corporate world first as a financial analyst, and soon after as a systems analyst.  Both roles demanded keen observation skills. From the beginning, I excelled in these roles, but it wasn't until years later that I really understood why…my eyes took in […]

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The Power in Affirmations and Mantras

Mantras and positive affirmations are two unique ways to align yourself with your goals.  They help you to raise your vibrational frequency to nourish your psyche and your soul. When they are effective, both mantras and positive affirmations can help with problem solving, reduce stress and anxiety, […]

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