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May Predictions

I have been receiving some pretty consistent messages on a couple of topics, so I thought I would share them. About the Canadian Elections: If Harper, the current Canadian current Prime Minister succeeds in his goal of finally getting a majority government, it will be by a very slim […]

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Is it possible to recover my psychic abilities? How to I get started on using my psychic ability? What is happening to me? We get hundreds of questions about being psychic…. Some of the questions and answers are so interesting, that we wanted to share them with […]

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Psychic FAQs

Global Psychics is all about answering your questions. Here are some questions that come up again and again, so frequently asked that we took the time to publish our answers. 1. You say you are psychic – is anybody really? How is that possible? We at Global […]

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Lessons in Divine Timing from a Loose Tooth

By Edward Mills Have you ever waited “patiently” for something to come into your life – money, a partner, a new job…?   Have you ever tried to “force” it or “make it happen?”   Have you noticed that when you try to make it happen it […]

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Time for a Breakthrough!

As psychics, we are seeing this growing desire for a connection with self in your reading requests. More and more often, you are asking for more depth in our readings beyond what is coming next, and what it will take to achieve your goals. Now you want […]

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Power Up With Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is one of the very practical rituals that I try to honour ever year… the operative word in that sentence is “try”… in the end, trying doesn’t get you there… but this year, through a number of fortunate circumstances, my home is getting a pretty […]

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Creating Effervescent Space for Daily Living

By Anatara As you look around the space, which supports your daily living, what do you see? Do you see the familiar? What does the furniture look like? Are there pictures on the walls, which remind you of places, feelings, or people that you love and appreciate? […]

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Japan – Brave Teacher

One of the most interesting ways that I chose to enrich our lives over the years was to homestay foreign students, many of whom came from Japan. Some stayed a few weeks or months, but many others stayed for years and returned whenever they could.  I was always […]

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Choosing Lucky Numbers

As psychics we are often asked for winning numbers… but if it were that easy to choose “lucky” numbers, the lotteries would be out of business. Whether you’re lucky or not is a reflection of your attitude and approach to life – and whether or not you […]

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