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Archive for April 27, 2010

Kids’ Abilities Shift in Their Teens

Many teens and their parents get concerned when it seems that abilities wane once puberty sets in.  This is normal. If you’re a psychic teen, the best thing you can do for yourself and your gifts is to be a teen – in other words, pay attention […]

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We Must Teach Them to Use Their Gifts Wisely

In the days since we first began publishing stories of psychic kids, we’ve received some truly remarkable stories from young psychics and their families.  Whether we call these kids indigo, rainbow, crystal or children of the blue ray, they are all gifted and having a shocking effect […]

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So Many Gifted Kids!

I have been feeling a significant increase in the volume of inquiries from psychic kids and the adults around them, but it became obvious when I checked our files for material on psychic kids.  I found all of the letters and responses posted today had come in […]

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Open Mind=Open Heart

We are all unique and follow individual passions. Your children are no exception. Realizing that your child is on their own path and finding ways to support their passions is of utmost importance. It is easy as an adult to judge if our children are not following […]

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