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Looking Ahead With Purpose

Why get an annual forecast? Certainly the first answer is to be prepared… Whether you get a psychic reading, or a forecast based on the stars (astrology) or the numbers  (numerology), an annual forecast will offer useful insights that will help you make better plans and decisions for the […]

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Did You Know – About the Holly and the Ivy?

About Holly… One of the trees most commonly associated with Christmas, like other evergreens, the holly is symbolic of immortality; its red berries stand for life and vitality as well as for blood.  These scarlet berries appear in Christmas songs specifically as the blood of Christ, the […]

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Did You Know – About Mistletoe?

The sacred golden bough of mythology, mistletoe is a mysterious plant, the subject of poem, song, and legend.  Its sacred nature is attributable to many factors.  It grows only in the sky and never on the ground, so it is closer to the Heavens; it is propagated […]

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A Transpartisan Moment: Special BeyondaNews Message

We are living in what Tom Paine would have called “soul-trying” times. In the face of multiplying crises – economic, ecologic, political and spiritual – it’s becoming more apparent that fundamental change is required. The good news is, what is needed isn’t revolution, but evolution. The other […]

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Did You Know?

– About the Symbolism of the Christmas Tree The old pagan custom of bringing a living tree indoors in the middle of the dark months of the year and decorating it with candles and trinkets was introduced to Britain by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. The idea […]

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The Mary Phenomenon

What do you think? Why has Mary appeared in the last 50 years more frequently than in the last 2000 years? While the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to individuals and groups – Christian and non-Christian – since 40 A.D., now we are seeing an unprecedented increase […]

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New Psychics, New Readings

I am very excited to announce that we have two awesome new members of the Global Psychics Team: Lynne Campbell and Jennifer Stevenson. Lynne is very knowledgable in the Craft, comes to us with  a background in mental health and a wealth of knowledge. Jennifer (Jen) is not […]

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New Services from the Global Psychics Team

Time for change…  Our advisors have suggested for some years that we offer too many free services to our visitors…But I have always felt it important to be ready with answers to your questions, whether they were about your life or the paranormal….so we have contiued to […]

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Passed Over?

Answers from Our Mail Bag…   I’m 11. And I can see ghosts. When I am around somewhere where a person has died their spirit comes and asks me to help them go to the after life. I’m alone.  My favorite place to visit is the graveyard […]

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Kids Who See Spirits

So many of today’s young people are wise – and capable – beyond their years… connecting with spirits and ghosts, seeing energy in motion, knowing about past lives, healing, communicating with animals… all of these supposedly “paranormal” activities come naturally and spontaneously. But it is important that […]

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