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Over the Edge

Developing your psychic abilities can give you an edge in life, but it can also cause you to feel rather edgy. However, if you want to get your abilities working for you, there is only one way to make it happen – you must push yourself over the […]

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Love with a Perfect Stranger

Life offers us countless opportunities for love that we have been too frightened to accept. How do you summon the courage to break your conditioned patterns and let yourself love with reckless abandon? By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven When I was 19, there was nothing about love I didn’t know. […]

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Talking About Time: Apocalypse, New Age, or Mayan Meltdown?

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? Mankind has an instinct for perceiving all of time and history as meaningful.  We have long been occupied with organizing the flow of the past, the present and the future into some grand design; whether an endless, repeating cycle, […]

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The 2008 Elections – An Astrological Perspective

by Phil Reckard We astrologers could spend way too much time looking at the birth charts of the two candidates to determine who has the best chance of winning but we’d do so at the expense of the larger picture effecting all of us with the transits […]

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The Relevance of Ritual in Our Lives

We tend not to think of the significance of ritual in our modern lives.  For most of us, the daily rituals involve getting to and from work, dealing with the everyday demands of caring for home, families and business. I think the lack of ritual in our […]

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What are the Akashic Records?

 I was browsing through your site and reading some answers to members questions. I noticed the the word “Akashic” Records”. This got my attention. Is this records/reading source from Southern India?.. specifically from Tamilnadu State?. The word is more of “Sanskrit” or even my own mother tongue Telugu or even in […]

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Clearing a Dark Spell

I went 2 a psychic who told me a man paid 2 have black magic done 2 me so I would b sad and mad all the time, now I’m facing prison time! How can I remove this black magic and I feel as if what’s happening 2 me is […]

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Children and the Spirit World

Stories like Jill’s are becoming increasingly common.  Perhaps we are more open to them, perhaps it is the world of the Internet that allows so many folks to share their stories… and perhaps there is something going on… perhaps we have a new generation of children with […]

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Indigo Children: Fact or Fiction?

by PMH Atwater, L.H.D. Audiences interrupt my talks with vigorous applause when I suggest that using labels like “Indigo” to categorize today’s children causes more harm than good. And this happens almost everywhere I travel. Because the applause is getting steadily louder, I feel compelled to speak […]

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A Parent’s Instincts

Long before I began working as a psychic, I had learned to trust my instincts around my son. Probably because my parents trust their’s… to this day, Mom pays attention when Dad tells her that something is up with one of his children or his grandchildren. Dad usually has […]

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